[Discussion] About ZigBee2CUBE and NON-Zigbee 3.0 devices compatibility

Done. Thank yout @Teki

The Smart human presence sensor M100 (ceiling human breathe sensor) Model ZY-W100 is detected by iHost, however when clicking on the toggle button Off-on the message ‘Failed to control’ appears. The device is also not working and always remains in Off


Please, is there any idea when this device will be supported or if it will be?

some questions here:

  • Could iHost show if a device has been discovered by iHost Zigbee or Zigbee2CUBE?
  • How is it possible to identify that new devices will be discovered by Zigbee2CUBE? Could there be some version in the feature?

Zemismart TB26-6-gang smart wall switch, Zigbee Don´t recognize buttons, conected directly to iHost ver. 1.6.2 with Zigbee2CUBE.

Woring on the compatibility, let you know if we have progress.

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Thank you for letting me know

Hello I have Moes Model AM43-0.45/40-ES-EB manufactured by Moes

Zigbee ID: TS0601 | _TZE200_zah67ekd | _TZE200_rddyvrci

It’s not working with iHost, I can add it, but it doesn’t have the right features.

That’s because the only front-end UIs that eWeLink CUBE currently supports are: switch classes, lighting classes, and some sensor classes. The device you added doesn’t currently have a functional UI or device type card to display, so of course it won’t work - we can’t guarantee access to all types of devices because there are too many of them. What we’re trying to do right now is, on the types and capabilities that I’ve just mentioned, get the compatibility right – then add new capabilities and types of devices

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