Build scene with IOT HD outdoor camera

Hi, I’ve just installed 2 cameras and successfully added to eWeLink. Now I tried to make a scene, but the cameras are not available. I would like to link my cameras with the external lights I case of motion detection in the night.


more details please , the types of cameras , is motion detection enabled ?

Ok, thank’s for your interest. I bought the cameras directly from the eWelink shop. Yes, they have motion detection and it works. Here are the camera specifications: Wolley eWelink IOT camera, type R3, firmware GK200BF6D, software version 50520230320. Here is the link to the shop:

My question is: Why can I create scenes with my eWelink indoor cameras (e.g. turn on the light in the room when the camera detects movement) but not with the outdoor cameras?

I look forward to your answers.

Ok I’ve solved my problem. The camera is only available in the if condition and not in the then condition. Now I can switch on and off my external lights in the night when the motion detection triggers in the night


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glad you solved it

how did you connect the camera to ewelink?