Why is there no "sunrise" and "sunset" option in "effective period" in automatic scenes?

I would find this setting incredibly useful - in only triggering some light automation - when it is night time.

I would thing a bare minimum option would be being able to select sunrise and sunset instead of fixed times in the effective period…
and something even more useful would be x hours and x minutes (before or after) (sunrise or sunset)

The use case for this - is triggering certain lights, when door sensors are triggered, or when motion sensors are triggered… but only doing so at night…

or running the pool pump, only when voltage on a sonoff pow is above a certain level - but only during daylight hours

I would assume this would be relatively easy to do - since you already insist on country information (which would at least take it close to being able to use these options)
or you could ask for the persons city either under house settings, under their user profile, or even ask thus under each automation that required dusk / dawn control.

I’ve been successfully working around this for about 2 years now with one Sonoff S26 device for night lighting that turns on at sunset and off at sunrise. In the last scenes, they also test the condition of this device.

ok - but I do not want to simply switch on and off at sunset - I want to evaluate other conitions if >sunset and <sunrise as an example… I am not looking for a simple on/off at sunrise / sunset

Thus as per my examples - front door opened - after sunset - then switch light on, delay 10 minutes - switch light off again…

This does not work with the current logic (or maybe I am missing something? and if I am - please advise)

One automatic scene turns on my ‘NIGHT’ device after sunset. In the next automatic scene, I test the opening of the gate and at the same time, if the ‘NIGHT’ device is in the ON state, the passageway lighting is switched ON. Otherwise, what you describe in the next forum, that you cannot use the same device to detect the status and at the same time to change the status, I also bypass using manual scenes. But more about that some other time, if there is interest.

@thomas5 @DJackCZ Are you guys Android users? In eWeLink App version 5.0, this feature is already available. If you’re an iOS user, no worries, the new version for you will be released later this month. Update your eWeLink App to try this feature out!

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You caught me out there - sadly iOS here… (man I regret making that change :rofl: )
Looking forward to the new release

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Great to know, I’ll have a look at that and maybe I can simplify some scenes again (Although the ‘NIGHT’ device will remain - it works as an orientation LED light).

I accomplish this by creating a scene activating at sunrise which will disable my lights scenes.
I create another scene at sunset which will then enable them.

It works quite well. It looks like IOS is getting the update soon to make it more simple

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this is simple on off scheduling - that is not what I am trying to achieve :slight_smile:

Scene 1
IF Sunset 30 min after
Scene 3 Enable

Scene 2
IF Sunrise 15 min before
Scene 3 Disable

Scene 3
IF Door sensor open
Light ON
Delay 10 min.
Light OFF

This switches the light only between sunset and sunrise on and after 10 min. off. Available in all eWeLink versions.

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Yes, it makes it simpler but unfortunately you lose the ability to set x min before/after sunset/sunrise.