Different scenes at night and at day time


Probably I am doing something wrong…
I want to make a scene to open my garage door. That works without an issue. But I want to ad that after sunset, also lights in my garage go on. At day time those lights are not needed. How to do this? I am unable to add the rule ‘after sunset’ when there have started already a few functions. But I want only after sunset also a few lights go on…

Now I have two different scenes one, for after sunset, and one for before sunset.

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Why does this sound too familiar eh… :confused:


You are correct… Very similar.

But unfortunately not a satisfying solution.

Are you a human or a bot who got lost?

That example imho is pretty close to your need. The only thing you need to do is change the manual time setting to automatic. What else doesn’t suit you?

Show your current scene!

Create a scene…
Which will be active from sunset to sunrise.
Which will be executed when, for example, the garage device is ON.
Will then activate the light device.


The scene I have now is to switch on the power supply, what in a few steps switches on and off other devices. What finally makes the door open.

I use a scene for when dark, and a scene for daytime.

With your suggestion I still need two scenes, as it is impossible to operate the last step, switching on the lights, when the door is open (only then I am able to enter my garage). The lights have two switch on after about two minutes from starting the process from opening, but only when it is dark.

But thanks for your input.


eWeLink is quite limited in terms of automation logic… It would be best if you showed an image of these scenes to make it easier to recognize the flow.

If when you say one scene you actually mean one scene has to do absolutely everything, you may have a big problem achieving the desired effect.
If one scene refers to one scene that you click on, I don’t see a problem with several scenes in the background doing work for the first one.

How do you turn on the light now? And how do you turn them off?

All the extra scene does is turn on the light between sunset and sunrise when the xyz device is turned on.

Show me screenshots of your scenes and I’ll see what the flow is like and I’ll try to think of something.

But I’d say don’t expect everything to be crammed into one physical scene because ewelink can’t do that.

Describe and show the scenes because I need to see what exactly is happening in your case to be able to write a reasonable flow of logic for it.

I would opt for using https://sequematic.com

In the scene you currently have for garage automation, remove the section for “switching on” the light as much as possible and replace it with a webhook. The same for turning off the light and the second webhook.

This way you will be sending a value to the ON/OFF variable for the light. And using the sequence you will decide when the light should turn on (after sunset) and directly in the sequence you will control a specific sonoff device that handles the light.

So much theory without seeing your scenes!


Thank you.

For day time now no scène is required, as I only need to switch on a certain power supply.

The rest of the things needed to open the door is done electromagnetic.

The power supply is set that it will power off after 8 minutes, and after that the door will close automatic.

For the scene at night time, please see screendump.

Combine both night and day scenes into one MASTER scene, which will be the main initiator for your garage automation.

Create another scene, LIGHT CONTROL, which will be responsible for turning on the lights.

Create a “Garage After sunset” sequence that will be an intermediary between “MASTER” and “LIGHT CONTROL” where the “sunset” variable will be controlled. If sunset occurs, the sequence via the webhook will initiate “LIGHT CONTROL”, which will finally turn on the desired devices according to your preferences. If “sunset” does not occur, the webhook will not be executed to initiate “LIGHTS CONTROL”, i.e. day mode.

At least that’s what it looks like from what you showed…

In the future, I recommend taking screenshots in ewelink web because the application does not show much what individual actions are doing.

Thank you very much for your great tips!

I will inform you when I have it running.


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Hi Morgan,

As promised I get back to you.
It took me a while because it seemed I had a batch of bad Basics. It was very difficult to pair them, and after pairing most of them stayed off-line.

But that is solved now.

Basically what I did, I made an additional scene that is only active at night time, and powers on the lights, when the condition “garage door open is” ON.

This is the scene to open the door. Always active.

This is the scene to switch on the lights. Only active at night.

And to be complete, this is the scene to power off the lights. This scene is also always active, because sometimes, when it is dark weather, I switch on the lights manual.

I hesitated a bit to make a new account (The webhook thing) to make this work. And like I did now it works fine.

By default, the garage door always closes. (In fact that depends on the position from a physical switch, it can be set on “open”, “close” and “stop”, usually it is in the “Close” position).

The power supply from the garage door is temporarily overruled by the Basic from SonOff. It is set on an inching time of 8 minutes. So when the door opens by a command in E-we-link, it will start closing always after 8 minutes. Even when I do not give any command. When it is dark the lights will go on, and after the door is closed, off again.
Probably it sounds complicated but it works fine.

Thank you for your assistance! That is very much appreciated!

Very kind regards, Arjen Schroevers.

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Just realise that the way I solved it now, is exactly the way you suggested at the start…


Kind regards, Arjen.

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