How to make scene

How to make a scene that runs from 4 am to 4 pm every day

Do you mean an active scene during a specific time period and an inactive scene beyond that time period?
Remember that an active scene will not execute itself if there is no correct trigger. You can change the state of the scene, but it must be called separately to take effect.

Create two scenes, one start and one stop for your function scene using the “Time of Day” function in “If”…

Enable scene:

Time of Day / Everday 14:00

Smart Scenes / Your scene / Enable

Disable scene

Time of Day / Everday 04:00

Smart Scenes / Your scene / Disable

Theoretically, it can also be done differently, but it depends a lot on what your scene is doing, what is the trigger and what is the action?

You can create two function scenes, the first one with Time of Day / Everday 14:00, which will be the scene that triggers your actions. And the second scene with time 04:00 stopping the action if necessary.

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