Automatic scene enable and disable manual scene

How can I create an automatic scene that enables a manual scene to work only during certain times of the day?

Manual scenes do not have the ON/OFF concept. They are just there and start working when they are Tap, i.e. something has to initialize them, otherwise they will never start.
Therefore, they cannot be turned off within a given time period. Alternatively, you can create a scene that will trigger them only at a specific time - everything outside this range will be disabled.

But if you have an auto scene that constantly performs Tap for a manual scene and you want to limit its execution by turning off the manual scene so that the auto scene executes ghost, this is not possible. You have to build your scenes a little differently…

I want a shared device to be available for another user only during certain times of the day.
For example I want the gardener to be able to open and close the gate only between 9am and 4pm and only from Monday to Friday.

I have created two manual tap scenes: one to open the gate and another to close the gate.
I want to share these scenes with the gardener.

In order to limit the scenes availability for the gardener, now I am trying to find a way to create an automated scene that enables and disables these manual scenes depending on the day and time.

I cannot find a way to do this because it only allows me to enable and disable automatic scenes and not manual ones.

Is there another way to do this?

It would be good if you posted it as one post…


A workaround would be using an eWeLink-Remote or Zigbee wireless button to run the scene, it can be used as a trigger, accessible within a certain time.