Manual Scene in different case of time

I have a question about Manual Scene.
Example: I have a garage door and a light bub also include to eWelink app by RFBridge433. In the morning when i use eWelink app to open garage door, the light bub do not turn on. But in the evening, i want light bub auto turn on when i trigger open garage door in eWelink app. How can I create the Manual Scene like that?
Please help me.

Not manual, but it should work…

Set the trigger to be the same device you use to open the garage.

If you want to turn off the light bulb, add an action to the scene that closes the garage.

Thank u, i understand your solution, and I already do that many time before, but not working. :frowning:

What are the symptoms of this not working?

Yes , i try some solution to work around, but no hope :(. In logical, this solution must work, but no. i add funtion for testing (likely push notification or send email, but they don’t trigger.

but if i using radio remote (433mhz), this solution can work, but if i use app on iphone it will no trigger.

Correct. The trigger here is the button from the RF433MHZ remote control. The scene will only start then.

but i want it work for the app (not for the remote), because i using apple car play to control the garage door open or close. i dont want create 2 Scene (1 for day and 1 for night)

Do you use the manual scene in the ewelink app? Or do you click on the device icon?

My suggestion then is that you use
Create an account, add your ewelink account to be paired and create one sequence.


Additional question: how and when do you want to turn off the light?

Replace B05 with your device (light).
Replace the Micro with your device that opens the garage.
Set the hours according to your preferences.
If you don’t have it, you must have eWeLink Advanced Plan.

Behavior on ewelink’s side…
Manual scene activates your device to open and close the garage.
And it sends a webhook call, which is then responsible for turning on the light if necessary.

On the sequematic side you control the sequence, the webhook is the trigger, the action is to turn on your light device and limit the time when it should be active. Optionally, you can also add, for example, the time after which it should turn off.

Now you should achieve what you want. :slight_smile:

thank u so much. this will be solution for my case. i will try asap,

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