Multiple Time of Day Conditions

Would it be possible to add the ability to add multiple time of day conditions on single scene?

Currently I have to create multiple scenes in order to make sure a device is either on or off as below.

For additional clarity the failure to switch on or off is not due to the device but due to Loadshedding(power cuts)

Hi there, could you provide me with an example?

Here is the scenario,

I have my geyser switch on at 3am and off at 5am . If we have power cuts from 2am-4am I mis the on scene and thus have a cold shower, If we have power cuts from 4am-6am I miss the off scene and thus use way more electricity than intended. What I have now done is create an on scene for 3am and an off scene for 5am. Additionally I had to create an on scene for 4am and off scene for 6am.

Ideally I would have like to create one on scene to trigger at 3 am and 4am and one off scene to trigger at 5am and 6am.

So sure i have a workaround but my scene list is getting long and confusing.