Add a ‘perform at this time/sunrise/sunset’ to the ‘ Then’ in scenes

Hi, I think it would be useful to be able to have a sunset or ‘at this time’ feature when you select tap to perform.
For example, I’m wanting to set up a manual scene that I can trigger during the day to disable an auto scene, that will then turn a device on that night at sunset. So if I was having guests over I could press at 14:30
-Tap to perform
-Disable hallway motion light ON scene.
-At sunset (or at 18:30 )

  • turn on Outside lights
    -Delay 59min
    -Delay 59min
    -Delay 59min
    -Turn off outside lights
    -Enable hallway motion light On Scene

Or is there a way to achieve something like this that I’m missing?

A couple of other suggestions that I know have already been made. Can you add hours to the delay rather than just minutes and seconds, and can you make it so you can reorder the Scene?.