Scenes not available for cast - iHost

I cannot see any scene available to build the an iHost cast, , any clue why ?


I don’t have iHost, on my side I can only add manual scenes to CAST, automatic scenes are not possible.

Tks for the input, just tried & same for me… the issue is the smart devices initially available in the “if” drop down list are are not available anymore in the “then” - bug or something else.

As a bodge you can probably do what you want in Node Red where the iHost device is definitely available. I’ve seen it. If you want a push to activate screen you can install a dashboard on node Red, but I’ve forgotten the name of the palette for dashboard v2.

Can you tell us exactly what you want to achieve in the scene?

When it comes to selecting the same device twice in a scene, it is probably not possible in ewelink and it has always been like that. You cannot select device xyz as “If” and at the same time the same device as “Then”. And it doesn’t matter in terms of manual or automatic scenes. Which, by the way, is not a matter of user choice, but what options are used in a given scene. The only thing that defines a scene as manual for me is the trigger as “Tap to run”, everything else is automatic.
So it depends on what you want to achieve, perhaps it would be possible to build logic and some manual scenes so that you could click them in CAST…

Maybe it can be done differently, but you need to describe your needs precisely.

You are correct two options : manual or automatic and the manual scenes are driven by the ‘tap to run device’ option only, then the other scenes/combinations lead to smart scenes/automatic.
In more details:
‘If’ has 3 options: smart device/timer/tap to run , the ‘smart device’ shows all devices, ‘tap to run’ (& no option) & ‘timer’ that allows to program timing ( days of the week, time, recurrence…) .
'‘Then’ has 3 options: smart devices/delay/smart scenes, the

  • 'Smart device 'doesn’t show all devices (only some, whether selected above or not - and this is not logic, they should be listed all)
  • ‘Delay’ shoes timer h/m/sec…
  • ‘Smart scenes’ allows to select auto-scenes created with the various devices .
    A combination of above is possible.
    Ex :

You are asking what I am trying to do: use a door switch to generate an alarm on iHost.
I can do using the ‘smart scenes’ option, but this is not straightforward, but it works.
The ‘essai son’ auto scene - do the job.

My questions are:

  • why the ‘then’ / ‘smart devices’ doesn’t show all devices.
  • what if different auto scenes use same device ,which scene is run first.
  • is above documented somewhere or is this always a trial & error process supported by the forum :grin:.

Not clear - pls keep me posted.

If you have already selected the device in IF, it will not be visible in THEN.
If you have not selected the device in IF and it is not visible in THEN, it will probably be a bug.

The exception are RF433 devices… which do not appear at all.

I understand that the door sensor is wifi / zigbee? Unless it’s RF 433Mhz?

Good question. I don’t know the answer to that, except to speculate…

Both scenes will be performed simultaneously…
The scene that was created first will be executed first…

Both scenes will be executed when IF is met and this will be most likely, both scenes are performed simultaneously if they have exactly the same trigger.

I really don’t know, you can test it, of course.
Ewelink does not have options to define nicely which one is first, the only thing that can be done is to delay the second scene.

I am not aware of any documentation that would provide such in-depth information.

Like everything from Sonoff, it’s one big ride without seat belts…

Ref to :

  • If you have already selected the device in IF, it will not be visible in THEN.
  • If you have not selected the device in IF and it is not visible in THEN, it will probably be a bug.
    → I believe so , although the logic could be different (??): in the ‘If’ all devices appear (Co-ordinator, Router & End devices) in the ‘then’ (I believe (?)) only the Co-ordinator & Router - without getting ‘developers/technical staff’ to tell us what is implemented hard to know the truth.
    All my device are Zigbee (I don’t’ have yet wifi to give a try, but I confess a bit reluctant to invest based on what I experienced so far).

Ref to : “what if different auto scenes use same device ,which scene is run first.”
→ I will try & report, a possible improvement for me will be to add a timestamp to the scene (I’ll see in the forum where to add this request).

Ref to documentation: understood, too bad but it can work this way if developers/technical guys are quite reactive to tell us the implemented logic at the end, I’ll see along the way :crossed_fingers:
Anyway, tks for the exchange it helps :brain:

CAST cards support adding manual scenes only.

We are fully aware of this, the OP probably has a slightly different problem, as the conversation shows.

The same device is used as both a trigger and an action in the same scenario, currently only multi-channel and TH types are supported, more devices support this configuration ewelink team is still validating.

If multiple automatic scenes use the same device as IF, then when the conditions are met, these scenes will be judged and executed at the same time. During the execution process, they will be executed one by one according to the order of execution actions.

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It is not what I see in iHost .
For a same scenario “if” list all devices, “then” some only (as indicated above)
If they are selected in “if” they are no more in “then” - what morgan explained if I’m not wrong.

See below case with 2 automatic scenes:

Always the “emit text to speech” is run regardless whether it come 1st or 2nd condition, so this is not order of execution seen/requested.

I found the way to make the manual scene working as described (I believe)…
This is the cooking recipe : the individual smart scenes have to be disabled, the manual scene executed (in this case the manual scene selects the smart scene(s)) then the manual scene play as expected .
Exemple :

Not straightforward…

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Currently, only multi-channel switches and TH type devices are supported as trigger conditions and execution actions in the same scene, whether more devices can be supported is still being verified by the eWeLink team.

There may be a problem here. iHost does not allow to receive more than one piece of audio to be played at the same time, otherwise the sound will be interrupted. If you want to add more than two pieces of audio to the same action, it is recommended to insert enough delay between the pieces of audio to make sure that each piece of audio will be played properly.

Ref to “only multi-channel switches and TH type devices are supported as trigger conditions”

  • iHost lists all devices enabled in my case:

I confirm I can add 2 audio to be played at the same time.
Added a 10s delay but no change only one is played.

Hello, it may be some problems with the translation, I sense a difference in understanding between us:

Hi Songal,
I don’t know if a matter of translation, let’s try… I have in iHost screen scenes setup: “if” & “then” and you refer to “trigger conditions” & “execution” so to me : If=trigger and then=actions, do you share the logic.
And in my case this is this way regardless of the devices available as part of the drop down list of the scenes setup :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me give you an example, inside the iHost scenario:

In IF, if you add only one device type condition, then in the list you can select all devices that support IF;
If you add more than one device type condition, when one of the conditions selects device A to turn on as the trigger, you will not be able to select device A again in the device list for the other conditions (except for multi-channel type devices, which are not subject to this restriction).

In THEN, if device A is already as a trigger in the IF, then you will not be able to select it inside the list of executed actions for the device type (except for multichannel and TH device types, which are not subject to this restriction).

Very clear than you understood.
I have 4 devices in the IF smart device list: iHost, a door sensor, a wireless switch and an Ikea plug (that doesn’t work).
In the IF condition I have selected the iHost as smart device.
In the THEN, the smart device list shows only the Ikea plug are missing the door sensor & wireless switch
Is it normal situation ?

This is normal.

The door sensor & wireless switch can’t be used as “THEN” because iHost can’t give them commands.