Ihost deserves far better weather service!

I have implemented the weather service on our ihost and that is ridiculous or it is a shame cause the service is offering nothing compared to what we are used to.

I can not imagine a cloud or sunshiine forecast many will want for their own solar power system and their energy strategies.

I have gotten 1 tile with just 3 informations: fog and some clouds and 10°C

Who calls this a weather service and who believes to make money out of such poor integration?

ihost weather api screenshot.2023-10-26 --- 09.16.48

I hope we will get an alternative soon that offers a broader variety and would not force us into a paid subscription for nothing after just 2 weeks.
This time it is so easy to reject the offer cause they deliver close to nothing and want money.

I hope the whole system will improve soon and fast cause it still feels like a rollercoaster ride . Currently I am asking myself what is the backup service I sonoff planned to use cause I can not find anything or I am too blind .

Maybe someone else has a suggestion about the backup solution - thanks

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I am playing with OpenWeatherMap which has a fairly good and free (fair use) service. I can get data for this service in Node-Red that can be used for automation.

Currently I am trying to get this information to be loaded in the iHost as virtual devices. But I am not sure if that could somehow be imlemented as a tile on the device.

I think there is a separate thread on how to create custom tiles on the iHost, if there is a solution to that, the two probably can be linked together.

When you get this done please share

It just did!

It looks like with the 1.12 update, there is a better support for temperature only and humidity only sensors. They can be used in scenes. So I completed my setup of bringing OpenWeatherMap data into iHost: