【Add-on Guide】 Tile2CUBE-weatherapi : the Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast add-on allows you to display a weather tile in iHost

Note: Make sure you’ve updated your iHost (eWeLink CUBE) to version 1.8 , which is being gradually pushed between July 10-11

Video Guide:

Step 1
Go to the Add-on menu (Docker) and install the ewelink/Tile2CUBE-weatherapi add-on

Step 2
Run the add-on in host mode (default)

Step 3
Click the Get access token button, and click Allow to confirm.

Step 4
Click Next follow the instruction to finish the settings

The weather tile will display under the Custom Tiles section

Note: The weather tile can be added to CAST dashboard in iHost.

Wonderful, wonderful. Any practical use of this add-on?

The weather tile is not displayed in the custom tiles section. can it be related to the fact that the computer does not open the ihost.local address.
It is not possible to manually enter ihost’s IP address.

why is the weather tile showing 4 times

hi, when you run the add-on there will be a tile created, try to delete those extra tiles.
for the loading issue, try to reboot your router, make sure you can visit ihost via domain ihost.local
the weather tile use the domain for service.
and please disable VPN if you’re using one.

the weather tile can be added in ihost CAST

And then?

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For developers
This add-on is open on Github, if you’d like to know how it works, check on github:

Thank you. I know how to use it but I can’t see the point to do it. Any ideas?

The Weather Forecast add-on is a good example to demonstrate how to display and create a UI in the iHost console for any developers interested in developing their own addon (for example a solar power data integration) for a specific purpose.

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That is, it has no practical use in the sense of everyday use :sunglasses:

I have a problem in step 4. I can’t search for the city.
The API responds to me with an error 1000, server internal error… why? what do I have to do?

Mine always errors when I say my location is London. I am getting away with it now I say Shanghai.

You should be able to trigger scenes with it. For instance if the temperature is below X turn on the electric heaters.