How to create a Custom Tile

Does anyone know a way to create a custom tail?

I tried to understand how the Tile2CUBE-weatherAPI works but reverse engineering is too complicated

Its source code is on GitHub

Thank you for your response, I found the source on GitHub but it’s complicated to understand. I would need a guide, even in draft form, to understand how to use the APIs to build a custom tile. I have skills in JavaScript and would like to use Node-RED to create my custom tiles

Here is the API Document:

@Alexie Thank you for the response, I had already checked on the APIs and there’s nothing regarding the creation of ‘custom tiles’. Have you managed to find anything regarding the creation of a custom tile?

Has anyone ever tried to figure out how to create custom tiles for real?

I just confirmed that the API document online has not been updated to the latest version, and the description of all APIs that do not have this part of capability - we will update the new version next week, and there will be instructions on how to use this API capability.

@Alexie thank you, It is Will update also node-red palette nodes with this feature? It Is could a feature very interstly insidie node-red.

Hi, the API document has been updated:

you can refer to the last part Custom Cards