📝 Early Access Enroll, eWeLink on Android Auto

no luck, same problem


I figured out, on PC it is OK, but phone, plz copy link and open it in browser.
then it goes. thx


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Merci de m’inscrire a l’accès anticipé

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Thank you Mario for the tip,

Open the link with the phone’s build-in default browser is recommended.

i need armeabi-7a apk. old phone for use at home.
i cannot use arm64-v8a apk

Please send me link for earle access for android car. Thanks

I want enroll


The apk want me to subscribed, but when I tried, this message appear. So I still cannot use it on android Auto


you need to have advance plan first throught your app at mobile i guess , if you already got advance plan then try to reinstall your app

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We need to rebuild the package, will send you the download link when we finished via personal message, expected later today.

Please check your personal message, i’ve sent it to you yestoday.

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Hey guys, how’s test going?
Any picture or video clips filmed that can showcase control eWeLink scene on Android Auto would be much appreciated.

after subscribe using the original app, then install back the beta app, android auto work.

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Sorry. I don’t have an advanced Plan and i cannot test it.

Processing: 17179335412128988664630084630165.jpg…
sorry, theres no option to upload video.
it works

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Great thank you guys for all the testing and try outs,
We have submitted the official version of eWeLink app V5.7 to the Google Play store yesterday, and please download and install it for your continue use and free to let me know any ideas you have.
Thank you again, and let’s move on our discuss on this topic eWeLink on Android Auto

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