[Discussion] About ZigBee2CUBE and NON-Zigbee 3.0 devices compatibility

Thank you for the feedback, @yitie

But can you please help me understand what this means?

The device is listed in the ‘Zigbee2CUBE supported devices list’ as supported:
Philips 9290030674 Hue motion outdoor sensor motionSensor detect+battery

Can I use it with iHost? Or not?

Is it still not supported today?

Please refer to my previous post [Discussion] About ZigBee2CUBE and NON-Zigbee 3.0 devices compatibility - #38

What do you exactly mean?

I found this very interesting Girier PIR + Light sensor, it is recognized by the iHost zigbee hub but the user interface do not allow to configure some parameters like light sensitivity and others.
@yitie or someone else can help me in fully supporting this device?
Thanks in advance.

Thanks @yitie

I saw your comment in the Google doc

But does this mean that you will still work on getting it to work with iHost? Or that it is definite that it will not work with iHost?

I am trying to determine if I now have a €45 expensive paperweight, which I cannot return anymore? Or if it is something that I will still be able to put to use in the future?

Hello, about Aqara/Lumi single switch module T1 (with neutral) Zigbee 3.0:
Seems functionnal as repeater but state “off”, action return “failed to control”…
Even no energy monitoring.Could you improve this? thanks