[Discussion] About ZigBee2CUBE and NON-Zigbee 3.0 devices compatibility

Hi @yitie

I want to ask about my curtain motor controllers I have been waiting a really lont time now (since June)

I have bought another one which doesn’t work either, can you please help the two models I have :

Could you advise what can I do to get those working with Ihost as my Zigbee hub?

Let me check the status and get to you back later.

Technically, those devices are the same by using Tuya’s solution,
And you can find it on the same line,19, in the supported list,

So, as I replied earlier as well as commented in the , more information and the logs(haven’t found it in the ticket system) needed to investigate further.

What does it mean by "it doesn’t have the right features“? Would you please send me the details on the forum or feedback channel?

This device it’s not on the supported list yet.

Copy that this issue is also reported earlier by @cliff and @andy.wolf, and we have received logs from Andy days ago and our engineers are on the way to addressing the issue. Let you know we have something.


Happy to let you know that our team has fixed this issue and planned to release new updates with next firmware in the middle of November.



Great - thanks, @yitie

Looking forward to the update

Hello @yitie,
Please consider this device:
it is a two channel energy meter that is alread detected by iHost as “_TZE204_81yrt3lo” but only as a single swith. I’m not able to see the measurement.
I did a search on the net and found that zigbee2mqtt already support it, you can find more info here and here.
It would be great if you can fully support it into iHost.
Waiting for an answer, thanks!

Ihost & Tongou TO-Q-SY1-JZT

Someone has tried these modules, yes the ihost accepts them but I wanted to get the measurement data, because these modules have that option for you, but with the ihost it does not give me values ​​only the state of the switch.

The spreadsheet shared on Google Docs is pretty much outdated. Is any update around the corner?

We are adding the capabilities of this feature generally, based on users feedback, We are on some slightly changes coming with monthly updates, Please let me know what’s your issue specifically and we will check It to see if some improvement can taken.

The newest CUBE Version 1.11.0 brought support for Ikea Tradfri E1745 Motion Sensor. It works as expected. However, it is not present on the ZigBee Map or it is seen as not connected to anything (floating). Device’s battery status is shown as “unknown” but on its tile it is green.

Hi. I have some wall switch from MOES. They can be added to iHost but I can not control their channel separately. I can do that physically but on the UI when I turn on one of them, the other one will also turn on.
device id: a4c1386fa2f28b98
Manufacturer: _TZ3000_18ejxno0

s it possible to add the sonoff ZB Bridge and the Tuya Zigbee gateway ZXGWZ-04 to the ihost? That will greatly improve the range of the Zigbee signal from the ihost here in the house.

And when will you ensure that the ihost creates a Zigbee mesh network? Now it is a tree network, which means that ZigBee devices keep failing

Can you provide us with the system log?
You can go to the iHost setup page to download the system log and upload it to us through the feedback portal, thank you very much

The zigbee map only shows the current connection between the zigbee device and the parent node along with the LQI value. It does not show the relationship between all neighbor tables of zigbee devices, but the zigbee network used by iHost’s actual zigbee is a mesh structure.

does this mean the zigbee map will never show the connection between two routers?

Zigbee Map_test

I had this discussion with their support and it is a mesh even if on their Zigbee map it looks not mesh like. You can get router to router connections only if they both don’t have direct good connections to the coordinator. So for example if router 1 connected to the coordinator then router 2 can connect to router 1 as long as it does not connect as well to the coordinator itself. I personally think they should incorporate a mesh appearance, like ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT do, so it is less confusing and encourages the use of more router devices rather than end-devices, but that is not how they have chosen to display it.

Hi ref to “IKEA E1603/E1702/E1708 TRADFRI control outlet switch power” of below list.

I tried to connect to iHost but it is not detected (after it is set in pairing mode).
Did I miss a step to pair it or it shouldn’t appear in the list (didn’t see any post on it so far ?) - pls advice.

oops… set the Zigbee2CUBE option in ‘pilot features’ in iHost & the device got detected and I could set it ‘on’ once, then it got ‘off’ stuck… and ‘failed to control’


Any hint ?

Ikea Vindstyrka Air Quality Sensor only expose temperature and humidity but pm25 and voc_index are not supported

Ikea Tradfri Shortcut Button not supported

Ikea Rodret Wireless Dimmer not supported

Ikea Styrbar Remote Control not supported

Cube not supported