[Discussion] About ZigBee2CUBE and NON-Zigbee 3.0 devices compatibility

“Zigbee is an stadard protocol” that is true, but it’s a layer.
The messages that you make to go through this protocol can be different. The zigbee 3.0 tried to standardize the messages, but you can make a custom payload.

The point is, if there is a lot of brands with Hubs comunicating with Tuya devices, that is not impossible to do.

In addition, all these devices works with zigbee2mqtt that is open source, can be used as good starting point.

Regarding the Philips Hue, the NSPanel Pro is wrong as the Philips Hue works in Smartthings, Amazon Echo, HomeAssistant, and others.

Controlling the device physically, the channels are reflected in real time on iHost. For example, turning on channel 1 physically on the switch. However, the same behavior does not happen if channel 1 is activated by iHost

Has this agenda been deprioritized?

Zigbee is a standard protocol, indeed. However, most manufacturers deploy their own extensions that aren’t necessarily interoperative. That is why a new solution is arriving and it’s called Matter.

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the Sonoff S26R2ZB is not visible between all devices. It is only visible as a router in the Zigbee map

Just clarify a bit more, we have sorted out a list of devices that theoretically should be supported by the iHost Zigbee2CUBE, but we can’t test all of them, there are so many of them.

In short, ZigBee devices, especially NON-ZigBee 3.0 devices to be compatible with and correctly displayed in the iHost web portal, there are three conditions that must be met simultaneously,

1, The model reported by the ZigBee device falls within the types supported list by Zigbee2CUBE.

2, The capabilities (exposes) reported by the ZigBee device fall within the types and capabilities supported by Zigbee2CUBE.

3, The eWeLink CUBE system has the corresponding UI capability, meaning it can display the device properly, for now, switch classes, lighting classes, and some sensor classes are supported.

In case your ZigBee device doesn’t appear as expected in iHost, please make sure to check if it is included in the supported list provided first.
If it is not listed, kindly await periodic updates as we continue to expand the list of supported devices.
If the device is listed but is not displaying or functioning correctly within iHost, please inform us by commenting on your verification result here in this shared Google spreadsheet, We will address and resolve the issue on a case-by-case basis.

Let’s do this together!

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Sorry for delayed response,
@Mamatt @cliff @kondakos @filipe.wvirtual Thank you again for your verification and let us know, please kindly check my comments in the shared Google spreadsheet, and @cliff @filipe.wvirtual would you please try again that the Zigbee devices you paired to the iHost is works as expected or not? logs would be great helpful if still NOT displayed or functioning as expected, much appreciated.

Hi Chris, sorry to let you know that i have checked that the device M100 (ceiling human breathe sensor) Model ZY-W100 is not on the supported list by now, we noted it down and try to expand the scope asap.

Please refer to this Google spreadsheet about the supported devices and its capabilities, free to let us know your new verification and any other requests.


Please, add the devices bellow to the shared Google spreadsheet. I have tested them, they connect but show “Not supported yet”.

Aqara Smart Vibration Sensor DJT11LM

Nova Digital 2 channels Switch (TUYA)
Device ID: a4c138f649956c67
Manufacturer: _TZ3000_pxfjrzyj

MOES Tuya ZigBee Signal Repeater Zigbee USB Extende
Device ID: 0xe0798dfffedf7bce
Manufacturer: _TZ3000_misw04hq

I dont have log from aqara device. The others I already sent the logs.


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Hi vdrijver, the SONOFF S26ZB series should be support without any issues, would you please take a screenshot placed it here?

Hey eryk,

Do you mean it’s can added but lack some feature? or not act as expected?

For now, the motor on/off and range adjustment are supported, while the speed/rate adjustment (up and down adjustable roller)and motor reversal are not, and the type supported is curtains ( left and right opening and closing ) not blinds.

Thanks Julhio for the verification, have forwarded to the dev-team about that, they will check if can make them supported.

–I have noted those devices, let focus on those on the list already.


You’re right. They do indeed work. apparently I hadn’t looked closely. sorry about that.


Can you explain how to get this to work?

I have ihost 1.7.0 with Zigbee2CUBE turned ON

When i search fo the device, it comes up but i only see the following options:

I still don’t see the Moes Motorized Roller Blinds/Shades Drive Motor AM43-0.45/40-ES-EB in the supported list?

Ok, no worries.

@yitie I have tested four more devices that could be included on the list.


AUBESS Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Switch 16A
Device ID: a4c13895d790ae68
Manufacturer: _TZ3000_46t1rvdu
Current Version: 4.8

Tuya Water Sensor Water Level Sensor Leakage Detector For Smart Home Automation Tuya
Device ID: a4c1380406c404f5
Manufacturer: _TZ3000_85czd6fy
Current Version: 4.1

Does not work:

Tuya Smart Brazil Switch Plug Zigbee Smart Brazil Socket Smart Life Brazil Outlet With Power Monitor For Alexa Google Home
Device ID: 0xa4c138dfd45ed293
Manufacturer: _TZ3000_cehuw1lw
Current Version: 1
Status: Paired but can’t be controlled by iHost. When enabled or disabled by device button, the status is showing. No RSSI. LOG file already sent.

Tuya Zigbee Smart Rotary Dimmer Switch Button
Device ID: 0xa4c13804c3a07129
Manufacturer: _TZ3000_abrsvsou
Current Version: 1
Status: Paired but can’t be controlled by iHost.

@yitie any feedback please :pray: can I help in any way to get this working?

I want tak buy 5 of supported blinds controllers, if not this one pls recommend any other that I can get

If you read the above instructions carefully, you will see that ihost does NOT support products like Roller Blinds/Shades Drive Motor - we are only dealing with compatibility issues with switches, lighting products and some sensors…

Currently iHost does not have the corresponding device type UI to display “Roller Blinds/Shades Drive Motor”, so they cannot be used at present

Thank you for the verification, quick checked the three of them except the last one

is on the [theoretically supported device list,], let me check this case with the dev-team.(Zigbee2CUBE suppomrted devices list-Theoretically - Google Sheets)

Glad to see that the first one and the second is works even they are not on the list.

Would you please place a screenshot that how it’s ( Tuya Zigbee Smart Rotary Dimmer Switch Button)shown after paired? thanks in advance.

My mistake, this device is not on the supported list also, we noted it down.
It seems that TUYA have customized the protocol that lots of its devices reported can not works as expected.

Hi @Alexie very misleading,

If you look at what you claim to support here via Zigbee2CUBE

It contradicts what you say. Please clarify secondly if you read what @yitie said in this very forum thread

Blockquote For now, the motor on/off and range adjustment are supported, while the speed/rate adjustment (up and down adjustable roller)and motor reversal are not, and the type supported is curtains ( left and right opening and closing ) not blinds.

So please let me know many thanks