[Discussion] About ZigBee2CUBE and NON-Zigbee 3.0 devices compatibility

Copy, let you know if we have some conclusion.

That’s wired, the dev-team is investigating the logs now, let you know if we find something.
Thanks for the testing again.

Updates:we have found by analyzing the logs that the device was reporting some unrelated strings which caused pair failure, the engineers are working on to find a proper way to fix it.

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@yitie , I’m sorry… But is the purpose of this discussion to add more compatible devices to the Ihost? Or not?

Yes, lots of users help us to verify the compatibility of Zigbee2CUBE addon, may i know why are you asking this?

Just in case you are missing, check my previous post here,

@yitie, it’s in relation to the post I wrote: [Discussion] About ZigBee2CUBE and NON-Zigbee 3.0 devices compatibility - #84 by luciojs
Please, look at what you replied in the reply.

Well, thank you. I hadn’t read what you posted at the beginning of this discussion group.
I will wait for Ihost updates in the future. I hope you manage to make as many Zigbee devices compatible as possible.
I was not a fan of Sonoff for offering few Zigbee devices. But now with Ihost the story is different. I hope that the 3 security devices that I posted will be compatible, because they work very well in zigbee2mqtt.
Congratulations for your work.

Sure, no worries, glad you asking.
For now we are focused on those on the list along with new features development, but please be assured that we will keep updating the list once we have finished the to-dos ahead of it, free to let me know any other questions, suggestions, or ideas.

Anyone know if there is a Siren selled in Aliexpress that is compatible with iHost ?

I’m thinking of buying this one:
Tuya Smart Zigbee Sound and Light Alarm Siren with Strobe Alerts 90dB Speaker for Home Security

"Sound and Light Alarm " is not suppored by eWeLink CUBE yet, there is not a UI to show it , so it can not compatibal with iHost

What you could do is provide access through nodeRed, without the need for a UI.
All alarm logic can be done by nodeRed too.

OSRAM Smart+ plug AB3257001NJ is recognized but doesn’t works.
On click on device I receive the error “failed to control”.

I tried to unpair and pair again but it doesn’t works.

Hey Labik, happy to let you know that we have found a workaround for the failed to pair issues for some Lidl devices, and the fixed version of firmware which is eWeLink CUBE V1.10 planned to released in this week (expected in Thursday), please have a try with the new version and let me know your verification, thanks again.

Hi, yitie.
You are great. I am looking forward to it. Of course I will let you know how it works.

Thank you for letting us know.
This is also a known-issue which will be fixed in V1.10 which planned release in this week. Please try again by then.

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Are zigbee 2.0 devices compatible?

I’ve tried to pair 2 aqara devices (motion sensor and button) but ihost says that those are not supported yet

Please check my earlier post here.

Hi , @yitie
I want to confirm and thank you for a job well done. Lidl LED strips pair without any problems. Tuya sockets can also be controlled. I am happy :slight_smile:

WoW! That’s really a flash verify!
Thank you for your patient and on the journey with us, cheers :beers:

Let me know any further questions or ideas you may have.

Hi @yitie , any update on this please?

Unfortunately, no, we can’t decide what data the device reports.