Sonoff zigbee bridge pro - all devices offline or not communicating

I replaced my Sonoff Zigbee Bridge with a Pro model in december 2022 and had some issues.

One time all connected devices were shown as offline and i had to reset the bridge and manually reset a devices, so i could add them back (i have 34 switches, motion sensors, door sensors, temp sensors and wireless switches)

After update 1.4.0, performance seemed to get worse. A couple of devices per day would show as offline, then come back.

Yesterday, all devices connected to mains power were offline (24) and all battery powered devices (10) showed as online but did not work.

After reset, i added all devices down stairs, the after i cut power to the bridge and connected again, nothing worked.
Reset again and nothing worked even from scratch.

I’m shipping it for warranty and have gone back to regular bridge, which seems much faster to connect.
Anyone experience something like this? Did i have a defective unit?

2 level house, reinforced concrete floor, 2.4 and 5ghz wifi powered by ubiquiti APs

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I’m the last month all of my ZigBee devices went offline or completely disconnected from the bridge pro

What is the distance between the devices and the bridge?

In my house, the limit is 5 meters with a wall between them.
More than this, I have connection issues.

I am using the Zigbee bridge only for temperature&humidity sensors (7 pices), but some of them are allways off-line, never come back by itself, only if I reconnect again them.

I have similar issues. Sometimes none of the devices linked to the bridge appear online… sometimes its just a few that drop off randomly… sometimes they come back on their own - sometimes I need to reboot the bridge to get them to show online again.

I had to switch off the 5 GHz WiFi frequency in order to get my Zigbee Bridge online again.
After the connection was established, the 5 GHz was switched on again and I never had any problems.

Similar issues too, when it offline never back to connected, must be do it again reconnect

This is the reply I’d received from Ewelink, when making a feedback of the Zigbee bridge and offline devices:

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I have also had problems with Bridge Pro. At first it seemed to work ok but then the devices (ZBMinis) were showing offline. When I examined the bridge pro, the light (I think the green one) was flashing slowly. If I rebooted, it started working again for a while but then the same thing happened.
Last week, out of frustration, I removed all of the devices from the Bridge Pro and connected them directly to the NS Panel. They appear to be more stable since then
Does this mean I have a faulty bridge Pro? If so, I’ve only had it for a few months and so it should be covered under warranty. Or does it need further firmware upgrade to sort this problem?
I guess I should raise a support ticket

Every day the Zigbee bridge pro is offline, I conected a wifi smart S31 in order to reset the bridge pro, i have the 1.5.0 firmware but the problem continue, Sonoff, your users need a solution

Same issues with Zigbee bridge pro.
Zigbee bridge non pro looks more stabile and keeps connection at higher distance from zbmini.

I hope you can fix

We are still waiting!

It is recommended that you submit your tick to the hardware manufacturer’s after-sales channel, so that you can have appropriate feedback. This is not a community that deals with this kind of issue, so you may not expect any response here.

Meantme all is back to normal!

I’m also having the same problem, has anyone solved the problem with the ZBMINIs going out of line?

Do you have suggestions?

Same problem, a few of my Sonoff Zigbee SNZB-03 PIR PIR motion sensors keep going offline and then I have to repair them with my Zigbee bridge.

Exactly the same problem… very frustrating :rage:

Any outcome to fix that?

This may not be the problem. But cost you nothing to check/try.
Google the specs on your router. How many devices does it allow to connect?
Download the app called Fing and run it to get a count of your devices.
Do you have too many devices for that router? Even a mesh router with 75 devices her node can be a problem. Because there’s no roll over to the second node. Most times the limit causes device to lose their persistent connection. They have to bump some other device to get a fresh connection.

What kind of router you have on your mind?