Sonoff Zigbee Bridge

When my Switch Button is off, my sonoff zigbee bridge send in API the state ‘online: true’.
Thr bridge is ON, but the switch button is OFF.

This is happen with all devices(switch, motion sensor or window sensor) configured in the bridge.
The same state is appear in the ewelink app.

What APIs? More details would be much appreciated.

I am using both:

  • Java: com.github.realzimboguy.ewelink.api.ewelink-api-java
  • Node-red: node-red-contrib-ewelink

Both implementations have a web socket listener.

Devices - ID - State:
01 Sonoff Bridge Zigbee - A - ON
01 Sonoff Switch - B - OFF
01 Sonoff Motion Sensor - C - OFF
01 Sonoff Door Sensor - D - ON

After turn off and turn on the Bridge, I received the json:
{“action”: “sysmsg”, “apikey”: “xxxx”, “params”: {“online”: true}, “deviceid”: “A”}
{“action”: “sysmsg”, “apikey”: “xxxx”, “params”: {“online”: true}, “deviceid”: “B”}
{“action”: “sysmsg”, “apikey”: “xxxx”, “params”: {“online”: true}, “deviceid”: “C”}
{“action”: “sysmsg”, “apikey”: “xxxx”, “params”: {“online”: true}, “deviceid”: “D”}

In App, the four devices appear ONLINE too. Is not true.

loops in @jiale.liu

Some suggestion ?