Zigbee Bridge Pro Issue

Hi there,

today all my zigbee switches and Sensors go offline (5 Pieces). After trying to add again the message propmt “Failed, try again”
Need Help (Advance User).

Hi. Is the problem still present?

i have the same problem that stavroslavie has.
i had bought the zigbee bridge pro and a bunch of zigbee temperature sensors and motion sensors.
i setup everything and all sensors work fine, but maybe about a week later some of the sensors go offline and usually stay offline but sometimes they come back online.
doesn’t matter if it is a temp sensor or motion sensor.
in the end from the app , i removed all sensors and the zigbee bridge…then reinstalled everything.
again worked for a day, now 1 of the motions sensors is offline again.
Because i am suspecting the bridge to be bad, i just ordered a new zigbee Pro bridge today…we’ll see how that one works…if it does the same thing then there is something majorly wrong with the whole zigbee stuff.

I have the same problem …with a Sonoff zigbee bridge and sonoff zigbee switch and temp/hum sensors.


Turns out that the problem was with the new Zigbee Bridge( the pro version).
Once i ordered the old version, everything is stable and works how it supposed to.