Some SNZB-03 going off


I have 3 apartments with zigbee bridge pro and 8 SNZB-03 each.
In every apartment 2 or 3 SNZB-03 are going offline, even if I changed the battery, always the same. Any solutions?

Thank you in advance.


What’s the distance between the bridge and the SNZB-03?

In my case, if I put it more than 5 meters away (with a single wall between them), it goes offline.

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I have the same problem, 3 SNZB-03 in my house stairs, one for each floor. The zigbee bridge pro is in the middle and the distance from bridge and any device is about 2-3 mt. with a wall between the bridge and the SNZB.
I try to change the channel of the bridge, the channel of 2.4 Wifi without results.
About every week anyone goes offline.
Any suggestion?
Kind regards

Same for me but when a movement wakes it up it is back alive and working fine until it appears sleeping some time later… Regards