SNZB-02D get disconnect from NSPanelPro randomly

Hi, I bought 4 SNZB-02D from 2 weeks, and after pairing them they are reguraly disconnected from the NSPanelPro each 1 or 2 days.

Is it normal? In that way basically it is like that I don’t have them at all…

I’m the only one facing this issue?

No, it isn’t normal. Did you try to bring any of your SNZB-02D closer to NSPanel? How about enhancing Zigbee signal with (experimental) turbo mode? Are there any Zigbee routers in your Zigbee network?

If I try to move it nothing happen.
The NSPanel is already configured with the turbo mode, which devices works as router?

Most Zigbee devices that are mains powered are routers and they repeat Zigbee signal. How far are your SNZB-02D’s from your NSPanel? Is it wall mounted? Any other Zigbee devices connected to it?

I have NSpanel Pro and several temperature sensors, with and without a screen. The sensors are located at a distance of 1-6 meters from the panel. The signal from all sensors periodically disappears, regardless of the distance, from 1 hour to a day. When connecting the same sensors to iHost, no disconnections occur.

I also have several sensors. One of them is located almost 10 metres away, behind a wall. There has never been a loss of communication. I need to add that there are 6 routers in the location, which form a Zigbee mesh network.

My house is over two floors, the NSPanelPro stay at the ground floor and the devices are on the first floor, the two devices that are more far from the NSPanelPro (about 8m) are getting disconnected, the one that are more close to it ( about 4m) are getting disconnected less oftne but they do.

Now, I did a try tactivating again an old ZBMINI to see if it will work as router, it is configured in the same NSPanelPro, I will let you know if it will work better.