Sonoff L3-5M won't connect to WiFi

same problem here, I have 10 led strips installed, keeps disconnecting randomly. Already had sorted out the Legacy mode issue on the router, still experimenting with advanced wireless router settings, but no luck. If you guys get a response from the support ticket please let us know.

At the end, Sonoff offered me a discount code to purchase L3 Pro and to replace L3 led strip. I can’t remember, but it was something like 20 or 25% discount.
They weren’t able to fix mu issue.

I’m using L3-5M-P

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Same here. I bought 3 strip (L3-5M-P) and they are unable to connect to the WIFI 2.4Ghz.
After a lot of searches I think that the problem is related to the fact that this led strip supports only 2.4Ghz but with only 802.11b (other sonoff WIFI devices supports 2.4Ghz but also 802.11g or n).
802.11b is an acient standard (1990) and it is removed from modern routers (i.e. fritzbox 5530 and others).
So my question to sonoff tech support is: would be possible, with a firmware update, to support a more recent 802.11 standard within the L3-5M-P controller? Otherwise I suggest to sonoff support to clearly write this limitation in your product specification. In addition I have to throw out the strips.
I hope someone will answer.

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