Can't connect to my Sonoff L3-5M-P

I am unable to connect to my Sonoff L3-5M-P and i have tried changing my band to
2.4 (B+G+N) but its still not working. A solution would be really helpful.

Please check this post, perhaps you can find something useful:

I am having the same issue which irritates users. This debugging message keeps popping up:

Can’t you update?

Ok. Solved it the following way:

  1. Change my router to only have 802.11b

  2. Reconnected the L3-5M the usually way

  3. The Bluetooth message didappread; the device not connected disappeared.

  4. Waited a few hours and eventually it came up with an upgrade available

  5. Device now connects without any problems.

Tomorrow I will change the router back to 802.11b/g/n and see if it still be connects without any issues.

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