Changing WiFi


I have changed my WiFi and now am struggling to use this app again or change my settings so that it connects to the new WIFI. Please help with this

I went through this with my Sonoff S31(s). First make sure your phone is on the new wifi (SSID/IP address range). Then reload each device by re-pairing it again. The first few are slow but after that it went really smooth for me.

Also make sure that you are only connecting to 2.4g wifi. I have a TP Link Deco mesh network that combines both 2.4 and 5g wifi networks and have found that I have to turn off the 5g network before I try and connect any eWelink devices. When finished I just turn it back on.

The easiest if you have many devices is to setup your new router with the old SSID and KEY (remember 2,4GHz only). Your devices would normally pickup the new connection.