What should I do after I change my WiFi router?

When you change your WiFi router, the original WiFi SSID and password will no longer work even if you set the same SSID and password on the new router. Therefore, it is necessary you pair all your smart home devices again to the WiFi of the new router.

However, if your device supports the Change WiFi feature, you will be able to update the WiFi information such as SSID or password without deleting and re-adding your device. To check if your device support this feature, tap the three-dot button on the top right of the device page. Scroll down and see if you can find a feature named ‘WiFi Settings’.

Follow the steps below to change the network information for your devices.

Step 1 : Open device settings.

Step 2 : Scroll down the page and tap on ‘WiFi Settings’.

Step 3 : Tap the right arrow on your current WiFi network.

Step 4 : On the ‘Change WiFi’ page, tap the right arrow of your current WiFi SSID.

Step 5 : In your system settings, select the new WiFi network to connect.

Step 6 : Open eWeLink app again and tap ‘Save’.

*Currently, this feature is only available for switches with power measurement such as SONOFF S31 with the latest firmware(3.5.0) and RF Bridge from V4.11. It will be added to other devices through firmware upgrades later on. Please stay tuned.

Hi, my devices does not give that option. What should I do?

May I know the device ID?
This feature is not available for all devices, cus there is limitations by the chipset.

I dont know the ID but they are the devices for turning the lights on with the app (wiifi smart switch), maybe the name is Sonoff Minir2. But I am not sure.


You can find the device ID in the setting page

Yea you are correct, the ID is:


We are in the process of expanding this feature on more devices, but it depends on whether the device’s chip supports it. mini should be available and has been forwarded to the firmware team for further evaluation.

Great thanks, but for now how can I use the device with the new Wifi?


Repair it would be help.

What do you mean by “repair”? Everithing works the problem is only that I changed the wifi conection and the devises does not link with it.

Let me clarify.

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Oh ok I understand. So I need to pair them once again. But what happen with the others that are still apearing on my app? How can I erase them?

Delete them in the APP would be help.

The problem is that there isnt a delete option in the app. Or at least I cant find it.

You can tap the device, tap the“…” in the upper right corner, and scroll the page to the bottom to delete it.

Great! you are right! Then I only need to pair the device once again, correct?

Yes. Have you successfully paired them?

Hi, I see this topic dates back to over a year now … I did a complete AP swap out in my house and yes I used the same SSID and password, assuming all would come back on line again …I upgraded to the advance plan thinking it may require the web to do a bulk WiFi change as opposed to the App …I have over 123 devices on-line mostly Sonoff light switches, plugs, bridge, geyser switches all automated and yip clearly none of this works which is very disappointing as if I read the threads, I now need to delete all 123 devices and start from scratch (I’ve been running this for about 2 years), honestly thought a year on there would be a solution for bulk changes, all my SONOS speakers were so simple to do with the APP …this is not ideal …any suggestions on how to go about making this change please as this is very frustrating and will be time consuming…



Me too! There is no chance to reset them all. Especially the devices that are under lightswitches on the wall or others that are part of multiple scenes and connected with other apps like Alexa…