WiFi network migration

Hello, I am transferring all my Sonoff devices to my mesh network, there are several devices that I have to initialise before pairing them again and as the Sonoff equipment only communicates in 2.4GHz, whereas the phone I am using connects in 5Ghz I have to force the 2.4 GHz on the mesh network in order to pair my devices with the phone in 2.4 GHz again. The procedure is long and tedious.
Is there a trick to make the long and tedious procedure of transferring WiFi networks easier? The phone runs on Android 13.

The option is to connect the phone to 2.4 if it automatically connects turn off 5 GHz or make a different name on both networks. If you can’t do this for some reason, you can move further away from the router and then the phone will automatically connect to 2.4

I suppose the best solution is to temporarily limit the WiFi mesh to 2.4 Ghz, connect the phone to the 2.4 and pair the poorly performing equipment via ewelink. We can only hope that SONOFF will upgrade the faulty hardware so that all the network components can migrate from one router to another without any laborious manipulation. Fortunately I’ve kept my HUAWEI NOVA (2016), which only picks up 2.4 GHz; this device acts as a network switch for the SONOFF modules perfectly, but it won’t last forever.
Thank you for your very pertinent advice.