Change WiFi to Bridge Zigbee

Do you know how I can change wifi network to sonoff bridge without losing configuration?

Sorry, Honest, sorry. But your statement is both not enough info and makes no sense.
Let’s see if this helps. Example. You Wifi network is a 4 lane highway running through your town. Sonoff Bridge, I guess you mean one of the Sonoff Zigbee bridges, is simply a street running off the 4 lane highway. Its a side street, though it connects to the main 4 lane. What you put on the street (houses) are like what you connected under the bridge as "(subdevices).
Incidentally, the bridges are devices under your WiFi network. items that connect to the bridge are subdevices. The subdevices that connect to the bridges are subordinate to the bridge, but can access, be accessed from the WiFi network (4 lane highway).

You don’t replace your WiFi with a Sonoff Bridge, You enhance or complement your WiFi with a Sonoff Bridge, so you can connected subdevices to WiFi through the Sonoff Bridge that will only use the same protocol that they Sonoff Bridge offers. There’s a Sonoff Zigbee bridge and a Sonoff RF bridge. Each like their own street (bridge) with their own houses (subdevices).
Think of the driveway of every house on the street as a Zigbee or RF connection to the street. And let’s say every house has a garage, that leads down the driveway to the street. Each house then eventually connects to the 4 lane highway via its garage, driveway, street to the 4 lane highway. Let’s say all the house on the Zigbee street, the driveway is on the left side of the house. And on the RF street the driveway is on the right side of the house. If you move the house from RF street to Zigbee street, the house’s garage doesn’t align with the driveway, so the car in the garage is not going to gracefully connect to the 4 lane highway, right?

One more thing. Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 bridges are not the standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol bridges. Sonoff does something to Zigbee that prevents/doesn’t help regular Zigbee to work properly. For instance, buy some Sonoff Zigbee subdevices and connect it to any Zigbee bridge - hmm, like an Echo 4.0 or 5.0 device. It has a Zigbee hub, but you can’t fully use the Sonoff Zigbee device, because the eWelink app doesn’t see it, and the Alexa app doesn’t give you full functionality to the subdevice. There’s something weird that Sonoff is doing that demands you must use the Sonoff ZB Bridge or Bridge Pro to use the Sonoff Zigbee subdevice. Its a “gotcha” that we don’t fully understand, but useful to know when trying to use the Sonoff stuff.


What the hell are you talking about?

The question was, and ill add some for clarity - the person is using zigbee bridge, that is connected also to a wifi network.

Now there is need to connect the bridge to a different/new wifi network, but the person doesnt want to reset the bridge, as this would remove configurations.

So he asked, how to connect the bridge to other network, without reseting the bridge!

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