Connection wifi devices to (wifi) hub


I would like to connect my devices (wi-fi switches) to some hub. I would like the devices not to be connected directly to the wifi (it causes signal problems). Is it possible to connect these devices that only support wifi to, for example, the Sonoff ZigBee Bridge PRO? Is it also possible to connect Sonoff devices that work with ZigBee (motion sensor) to this Bridge.

Thank you for recommending another suitable product that would create a wifi network for wifi devices. Then of course I plan to connect the device itself (1 piece) to the wifi.

Thank you Michal

What is the nature of those problems?

No, it isn’t. Zigbee Bridge Pro is not a WiFi router.

Yes, it’s possible. This device was created for it.

Any reasonably modern router with 2.4 GHz WiFi (but also a repeater or access point with routing option and DHCP server) will do.

An internet connection is highly advisable to connect devices to the eWeLink cloud and to use the app on the phone or the eWeLink WEB. All those mentioned must be on the same WiFi network (same SSID).
Perhaps your current router has the ability to create virtual secondary WiFi. Mostly it can be configured to work as a separate LAN. Check this before you buy an extra one.
Note that your idea only seems good on the surface. If there are other networks in the vicinity and there are a lot of them with a strong signal, starting another one will only make things worse.