Can you make a SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro, act as a router

Hello, new to this scene,
Is it possible to make a SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro act as a router only, to help extend a Zigbee mesh?
If not is this a feature the manufacturer be willing to look it to?
The reason I ask is the I live in the Dominican Republic.
The way we build houses here, bricks, mortar and rebars, is similar to a Farady cage and we suffer a lot from low signals.
Please advise.

That would be a terrible waste! Why don’t you use anything else? Besides, that would make a very expensive Zigbee router.

I would recommend Zigbee lights/plugs/ZBMicro/dongle as cheap alternatives for signal routers.

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The ZBMicro can be used as Zigbee router, please check this link below.

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Typical answer generated by AI :roll_eyes:

Please let us know where this firmware is available.

Misleading info! SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro can not be acted as a Zigbee router.

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