Sonoff S26R2 want Pair

i have bought a new Sonoff device and Im not able to pair. I have try it on iPhone. the Device is find. On a Android device, the Sonoff is shown, but after try to Pair, nothing happen.
Is there another way to pair this device to the APP? Maybe with the REST API?

Give more details. Describe step by step actions taken to pair. Are both your phone(s) and S26R2 on the same WiFi network and band (2.4 GHz)? If your phone is on 5 GHz WiFi, pairing is not possible by desing.

Thats possible that the one is in 2,4 ghz, and the other one is in 5. so it is necessary to disable the 5 GHz?
If i in the pairing Mode, i can see the SSID from Wireless lan. And i can Login with the credentials. 12345678. so maybe it is easyer to make the right Subscription with the postman Software?

Yes, it is necessary to disable 5 GHz temporally. When the pairing is done, you may enable it.
Postman software? What SSID can you see?

Thats it. I have renamed the SSID from the 5Ghz. After that, it was sucessfull