Sonoff S26 not working

My earlier post seems to have disappeared from Help and Feedback, so I’ll try reposting it here.

I have a number of Sonoff devices, and they work great. But I have one S26 Type B that is acting up. I can press the button for five seconds and get the light to flash properly, but it absolutely refuses to be Bluetooth-discoverable in an iPhone implementation of eWeLink. All my other Sonoffs do great in that respect. Can I assume the thing is just busted/burned out? Or maybe I’m missing something?

The device ID is “Sonoff S26 Type B WiFi Smart Socket”. That’s the only info listed on the label.

did you try Quick Pairing ?
also you can try compatible mode by press the button for 5 seconds and then press for 5 seconds again

Well holey moley. Quick Pairing (which I’ve never used before) did the job. Thank you for the suggestion! Now, can someone tell me the difference between Quick Pairing and Bluetooth Pairing?

The S26 is a wi-fi device instead of bluetooth

Ah, thank you! I wish that had been made clear …

The S26 manual never even mentions “Quick Pairing”, and instead, gives the following obtuse instruction.“For IOS, select the pairing method according to LED blinking way.” Duh, what??? The blinking way is never defined.

Let me add that there is a nice review of Sonoff pairing modes,from Sonoff -A Thorough Pairing Guide To SONOFF Smart Devices And EWeLink APP - SONOFF Official. This specifies that S26 needs “Quick Pairing”, but doesn’t say anything about S40s and, in fact, just says that “DUALR3” switches use bluetooth pairing. Not at all clear what S40 and DUALR3 have to do with each other.

Sonoffs are great, but there is a lot to be asked for in their instruction manuals.