Paring sonoff to rooter Huawei OptiXstar HG8247X6-8N-10


I can paring sonoff to that rooter but after paring the sonoff devices are always offline. There are only 4 devices connected to that rooter. And it only happens with sonoff. I can paring any devices and there is no problem. What is the problem and how can I resolve the issue?

Thank you


What is the Sonoff device? What are the parameters of your WiFi network? Do other devices in the same location as your Sonoff have problems?

Hello, for example, sonoff s26, mas ZigBee… Mini… Any sonoff. There are no any other sonoff devices connected. As I told, I can do the paring but after that it mantain offline. The rooter is 5G but I did the right thing : I separate 5G from 2.4 and I made the pairing with 2.4. The problem resists. I can connect any device but I can’t with sonoff

Do you switch off the 2.4 network after pairing is done?

Yes. I did it and the problem is the same with or without switch off. I don’t understand

They must be on the same network to which the phone with the eWeLink app is connected. If you have turned off the 2.4GHZ WiFi after pairing or changed the network name and/or password, correct operation will not be possible. Make sure to enter the Wi-Fi SSID (name) and password correctly, without special characters.

  1. Is WiFi encryption enabled and what is its type?
  2. Please check the maximum number of devices that your router can capacitate. If the number of connected devices exceed the maximum value, remove some devices or use a higher load capacity router. Is your router’s capacity adequate?
  3. Is the DHCP server functioning and is it correctly allocating LAN IP addresses?

I have more and less the same problem.
I can pair the sonoff minis but most of the times they are offline or unresponsive. After some minutes they work but drops connection again.
The other smart devices from another brands works like a charm but this sonoff ones worked for about 3 years but since december they are like this…dont know why
Did you solved you problem? If yes can you tell me how? I have the exact same router.