Sonoff TH16 Works only in Lan Mode

Sonoff TH16 R2 Works only in Lan Mode and does not connect to servers. Does not show firmware version and not able to update device. Any suggestions to how we can reset it?

Please connect 2.4G WiFi first, and then reset and pair the device by Quick pairing or Compatible mode.

  1. Press and hold the reset button of the device for about 7-10 seconds, the indicator light will flash twice and stop once. At this time, please use Quick Pairing to find the deviceļ¼›
  2. When the light flashes twice and stops once, press and hold the reset button again for more 7-10 seconds, the indicator light will flashing fast, then you can use the compatible mode to pair the device.

Hi Erin,
All of the above already done but still have same issue.
After device is paired, and i can see the deive in ewelink app led flashes twice and stops repeatedly like it is connected to route but not connected to servers.
Could be a manufacturing issue?

Are your other devices connected properly?

Yes i have around 40 other devices all connected and working properly

Please check how many devices your router supports to connect at the same time, exceeding the limit may cause this problem.