Sonoff MiniR4 paired fine but is offline

I recently have purchased a Sonoff MiniR4. I have read the instructions carefully, paired the device without any problems. However, it goes offline right after pairing is done.
Here is my process.

  1. Turned off 5 GHz band on the modem/router
  2. Connected MiniR4 to mains with no load connected to the output.
  3. Pressed the button for about 5 secs and went into pairing mode. LED was blinking three short beeps and a pause.
  4. Pressed add device button on the app screen, selected the 2.4 SSID, device paired quickly.
  5. When app returned to main screen MiniR4 showed offline.
  6. There are no special characters in both SSID and password.
  7. Encryption is WPA/WPA2-PSK-TKIP/AES
  8. No filters or access control on the router
  9. Only a few devices connected to router, so no capacity issue here

Router shows the device as a client named espressif, fine and issues an IP, however it appears offline.
LED keeps blinking as in pairing mode (three blinks nevertheless).

I have tried connection through a hotspot over 4G connection without success.
I could not try compatible pairing mode the device would not go into this mode.

Any suggestions please?

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It’s required to turn on the Bluetooth on your Phone when adding a device. Did you do this? It looks like your MINIR4 is connecting to LAN but not to your account.

Yes, bluetooth is always on. Pairing goes without glitch. But as soon as pairing is done MiniR4 goes offline on the app screen and shows offline on the router WLAN devices list.

If the light is still flashing, it means that no successful pairing has taken place. Try again in Bluetooth pairing mode. Before connecting to Wi-Fi, make sure to enable the location service on your phone and allow access to it. If you disable the location service, the device cannot be paired successfully.

Hi, that behavior is typical of a wrong wifi password. Hope this helps.

Right. That may be another possible reason.

Got the same issue. Goes off on Ewelink after a couple of hours but still connected to the router and IP allocated. I tried with a second Mini R4 and it has exactly the same reaction. i suspect interferences or high error rate, since the MiniR4 is in a wall between 2 sockets with switch + AC outlet.
I already reduced the wifi from 40/20 to 20 Mhz and tried also to use another wifi channel.
I will keep doing various tests and update this disc.

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I realized that the device comes on goes Offline depending on the weather outside, when its raining for a couple of days, it generally goes offline, then after few days without rain (probably when the air is again dryer) it works again normally.
I opened the device, desoldered the mini antenna (its a small SMD component right next to the screw S2). Instead, I soldered the core of a RG174 coaxial cable, the ground is connected to the device 0V (- of capacitor CE1).
my coaxial cable is about 50cm long, and I removed the screening for 12.4mm (1 wavelength).
Seems working better since.

I had a similar problem with MiniR4M where all MiniR4Ms would go offline on the eWeLink app and iHost, but when I checked their statuses on my Asus router, everything looked fine. It turned out that scheduled resets of my router were the culprit.

I suggest reporting the issue via our official technical support system.