Sonoff mini r2 turn itself off

for about a week the sonoff mini r2 devices installed to control the lights in the house have gone off by themselves without any command. Has anyone solved the problem? If this continues I will have to uninstall everything.

Hi. We will follow up on this issue in your feedback ticket.

Hi we have the same problem, we have mini, sockets, RF and Zigbee. Sockets and minis keep turning off. Is there a fix yet?

It’s happening to my sonoff mini too.
It’s been a week since a couple of my R2 started switching off automatically.
I can’t understand what’s going on with that.
I Uninstalled than paired again but nothing changed.
What’s going on?

Same problema here since yesterday. Any news?

There are at least 2 more topics in this forum with the same problem.

Only the reservation of the Mac address with a static ip “solves” the problem but my router only allow me to reserve 8 devices and I have more sonoff devices. It’s happening since more than a month in my case.

Why is this happening ewelink? It seems related with the wifi, like if the devices lost connection for a second, turning off the lights. Give us a solution, please.


This is happening to my Sonoff Minis R2 too. What is the problem? Please Ewelink support say something, even if you do not know wht is gonig on, but at least your abswer should convey to us that you are taking care of this problem.

Hello, any news from support?

I use 2 other R2 without any problem.

This new switch when I connected, after putting it on from the ewelink app, the R2 changes the blue led to red, after that it keeps saying device offline. After switching off the mains and switching on, it again works the same above way. I bought another same model switch, but the same problem.

I purchased a wifi extender even though the signal was very strong. Still after reinstalling the R2 from the extender the same issue is there.

I tried changing the output from Sonoff going into the LED driver’s 1 & 3 L & N poles respectively, from earlier 2 & 3 L & N poles. First time it worked, again from the next the connection with the wifi router would get dropped and the switch would become offline.

Please help, whether my output from Sonoff to the LED driver poles are wrong? LED driver has 2 L & 2 N poles.

I have exactly the same problem since a couple of weeks. I have many Sonoff devices but the problem is affecting only miniR2 wifi version. It seems that when they lost wifi connection they turn itself off. Now I read that address reservation could be a solution so I’ll try. Irecently applied the last firmware update 3.7.0 but nothign changed. if Itead doesn’t find a solution I’m forced to take them out because I cannot stay with light going OFF and ON everytime… It’s a pity…

When I disconnected the Sonoff R2Basic from the LED SMPS driver, the switch turns on and off properly, but when the output of the R2 is connected to the SMPS, port 1L & 3 N or 2L & 3N the sonoff R2 keeps going offline after switching on.

If when the switch is offline, if the mains supply is put off, then turned on again, the switch connects to the WIFI properly. But after turning it on, same offline…

I have the same problem I have 3 now switching off randomly. Would be a shame to have to uninstall them all.

I’ve been able to resolve this issue, with a bit of trial and error.

They’ll have to mention this on all their literature. The Sonoff switch should not be touching any metal surface on any side.

I realised this, when I removed the LED SMPS metal body that I’d placed unknowingly touching the Sonoff switch at the back, now the BasicR2 has started working.

It’s working perfectly, after I separated the Sonoff and the LED SMPS metal body from each other. When I put them again for testing back to back, it stopped working.

Hi all, it seems I solved the problem doing address reservation to the minir2 in my dhcp server (the router). Bye!