Son off mini problem

good evening, I have a problem with your sonoff mini device. it disconnects often and the light goes out. the other device works fine. what can I do? thank you

They make several devices that have ‘Mini’ in their name, so it may help if you gave them the complete name, and also how you have it mounted (box; metal or plastic, open wall, etc.), as well as how far it is away from the communication device (router, bridge, etc.).

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the device is the one in the photo. it is connected via router and is in the house outside a junction box.

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So that’s a Wifi switch.
Has it done this since first installed, or is it a new occurrence?
How many walls are between the switch and the router, line of sight?
What is the construction of the walls, if there are any?
Are there any appliances (especially Microwaves) in the line of sight between the switch and router?

It has been installed for over a year. only now has it given problems. they are in the same room and there are no walls between the devices. microwave is in adjoining room.

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I would suggest a few things and if they don’t work, then contact support.

  1. Unplug the Microwave and see if the issue continues.
  2. Reboot your router.
  3. Reset the switch once you reboot the router.

Potrebbe essere legato ai problemi che stiamo rilevando in tutti i devices Sonoff?

Absolutely, we tried everything and nothing worked, i think it is from sonoff server side or their latest firmware has a problem. Even on Facebook, other countries reported the same problem.

Potrebbe essere un problema diffuso? Io dopo aver riavviato il router e resettato il dispositivo non riscontro più il problema. A voi persiste?

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Hello, I have the same problem since the same day like you with the same device, and since today it also happens with the SONOFF T0EU2C and the SONOFF T0EU1C, it’s very annoying.
¿Can Ewelink support team cheack?

I have sent request at ewelink helpcenter and Sonoff support.

Same for me. I’ve just opened a ticket on ITEAD Support.
I tried everything without success…
@michele.porrini I didn’t try to reset my devices because I’ve got a lot of them (about 15) and many of these are inside the wallboxes…

Might you post your experience also here? TY!

Tried resetting my router, created a new SSID, reset all the devices (around 15) and paired them again but nothing worked!

I try tu reset device and router. Now the device is working ok. to fix the light going out I set the ‘state at power on’ as “last state”.

Good evening. I have the same problem. First it was a switch, it started turning on and off randomly. And then with a circuit breaker inside an electrical panel. I have replaced the switch with another one, I have removed the circuit breaker in app eWelink, I have added it again, I have reviewed all the configuration and it is still the same. I think that something has been modified on the SonOff servers and it doesn’t work correctly.

I received the following suggestion from Sonoff support team, I cannot try this i the next 11 hours because I’m going to work, can anyone try?

As I wrote in my post, yesterday morning I removed the skill and every Sonoff devices from Alexa App. Yesterday evening (and night) the situation seemed back to normal. I didn’t try to change IP address (IMO I don’t think that move ahead the IP from 100 to 150 could be a fix but anyway… Lord works in mysterious ways!).

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I removed/deleted the device from eWeLink, make sure also to remove it from Alexa app. re-add/pair it agin in eWeLink and the problem goes away. I did not change the IP for it.

Hope this will help others.