[Alexa related issue]Sonoff devices are automatically and randomly turning off

I have around 20 Sonoff mini devices to control lights, Everything was fine but yesterday devices started to randomly (every 3 to 5 minutes, in various rooms) turn off the light. When I see the logs there is no information about turning light off.
Then I changed Power-on State to the Last state and instead of turning off lights are now blinking (goes off and on again).
I thought that there was an issue with my electricity but I monitored the incoming voltage on one of the Sonoff devices when it when off but there was no change it had 220V continuously, can you advise how to continue troubleshooting?

P.S. Sorry if I incorrectly opened the topic. This is my post words here :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance


The same problem.
Sonoff mini turn off light about same time.

Hi David! It seems related to our problem: I created a thread to collect every issues.

Dears, Today, about this problem, the official support answered me this:

Da: support@itead.cc
Date: Gio 29 Dic 2022, 10:21
Subject: Re: [#501609] Sonoff devices randomly turning off after short periods

Dear Antonello Zulian,
Please try the method below:
Please try to modify the IP address for the device as the steps below suggest.
>> Access the router management system.
>> Access the “LAN/DHCP” and you will find the IP address for all the devices connected to the router.
>> Access the “Network” configure list.
>> Acess the “LAN/DHCP” of the specific device to modify the IP address from (such as) to


On Mon, 26 Dec at 7:01 AM , Antonello Zulian > wrote:
Dear support,

It’s been a few days that some of my Sonoff devices randomly turning off after short period without any trace in the event log register.

I’m confident that the command comes from the Sonoff cloud as if they are disconnected they work correctly.

Are you aware about this bug?

There is a solution?

Please help.

Thanks Zulian Antonello.

O mesmo problema também com vários dispositivos mini R2 no Brasil.

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Same PROBLEM. But with smart wall Switch es that are conrrolling ligths and fans. When I remove the device from the app, the problem stops. So the issue is generates from sonoff servers… I need a fast solution

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Official feedback from Sonoff
Da: support@itead.cc
Date: Mer 4 Gen 2023, 10:58
Subject: Re: [#501609] Sonoff devices randomly turning off after short periods

Dear ,
This problem should be caused by the internet connection between the router and devices, or the eWeLink skill with Alexa, the root reason cannot be fully determined yet.

It is not cause by some misconfiguration in your smart home environment.

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Same issue here, I have 8 sonoff devices and at least 3 are always disconnecting and connecting, I already changed router but no luck, by checking the router logs when this happen the device lost connection and IP address is assign again.
looking forward to hearing a solution.

This also affects me.

Same problem here since a few weeks. Two nights ago, the Kitchen, my room, my daughter’s room and 1 of the lights of the bathroom turning off. In the morning I changed the condensers I installed a couple of years ago thinking it could be the problem. My daughter’s sonoff mini is barely new and it doesn’t have a condenser installed. I installed it now. No more turning off devices except the bathroom that still remains with the problem, but then, my two other daughters rooms begin with the same problem No new condenser solved it… I uninstalled the bathroom sonoff minis and the one of one of my daughters room 'till we have a solution. I can’t change IPs 'cause my router doesn’t allow me to do it.

I have the same problem, devices are constantly going on/off in the app

From several appliances, only TX3C e D1R1 are facing inicialization issues…
TX3C i changed inicialization status to “last status” in order not to go in the dark, but that isn’t the solution…
Waiting for Ewelink advise

Had the same problem, it probably was a conflict with Alexa. To fix it I put all amazon echo devices in a different wifi ssid from sonoff devices (my router gives a 2.4 gh and a 5 gh wifi, I put echo devices in the 5 gh one).
This fixed it immediately and it hasn’t come back.
Still ewelink should address this, it should not be happening.

Tried that, and didn’t work here, still same errors…
Thanks anyway

O had the same problem for 2 hours ir so. I touch nothing and after 2 hours all was ok.

Hello, minor update from my side.
I was off on holiday when I came back I found 2 of 5 devices were fixed, and 3 remained with the same problem. Additionally, 1 device has gone offline and is not reconnecting at all, but working fine from the ordinary switch. I’ll try to delete and add this device and this should solve the problem.
Does Sonoff mini have more detailed logs?

Tried this but still stuck at the same problem. Alexa’s in 5GHz SSID and sonoff’s in 2,4GHz. Today I restarted the router and the AP and now my daughter’s sonoff mini started again with the problem. My other daughter still having the problem and another sonoff mini in the corridor begins now… It must be definitely a connection issue if after restarted the router more devices are now turning off when yesterday don’t… They must be losing connection for an instant or some orders coming from the eWelink app.

I have the same problem as everyone with Sonoff devices lossing connection, and going off, and regaining connection almost inmediately. The periodiciry of the problem apperance is absolutely random.
As suggested by Ewelink I have changed the IP of the device assigning a fix IP in the router table to the MAC of the device and since then everything works OK.

In my opinion Ewelink should answer what is going on since changing the IP is not a good permanenet solution, unless Ewelink explains what is going on with the IPs that create troubles.

Please give proper attention to this problem since many users will abandon Sonoff and Ewelink unless an adequate explanation of the problem, and a solution is provided by Ewelink.

Many thanks in advance for the help


Does changing the IP address solved the problem?

Another one that adds, I have 10 devices that have been continuously disconnected since December 22 in Spain, at the moment all this is unbearable.