Devices triggered on ots own

My devices ( sonoff plug-sonoff tx- sonoff mini)
Keeps on being triggered on and off by itself!
Has anyone the same problem?
Reviewing the logs ——> it says device triggered and noone touched them
Thanks to assist!

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Try to delete the device in eWeLink app, reset them by press the reset button for 5s, add them again to see if problem persist.

I have delink the switch with alexa app and delete it from ewelink app, and again pair the switch. But still not working and this is a new switch ordered 3 to 4 months back only.

Kindly provide some solution.

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I have the same issue on a 4 channel wifi switch. It operates my garage door, so it’s not safe or secure. It’s worked fine for years, just started doing it. I will have to look for another product if a solution from Ewelink is not forthcoming.

Hola. A mi me pasa lo mismo con las enchufes S26RZB, se encienden por si mismos sin tener ninguna escena activa. He probado a eliminarlos y volver a vincularlos, pero sigue pasando lo mismo. Creo que el problema viene desde el servidor de Sonoff, pues cuando borro todas las escenas, manuales y automáticas, dejan de activarse los dispositivos. Lo malo es que no se para que quiero un enchufe inteligente que puedes ser controlado por otro dispositivo, si cuando le asigno escena su comportamiento no es correcto.

The same problem
Recently I bought few sonoff tx switches
And I got a problem with one of them
Switch with 2 buttons randomly turn on and off
Moreover it happened before I connected it to application
So it turns of and on without Wi-Fi and connection to application

Then I connected it to application and checked logs
In logs it looks like someone press button physically but nobody did it

A mi me pasa con dos dispositivos, un mini R2 y un basicR2 pero solamente se apagan solos. Nunca se han encendido solos. Los enciendo y a los pocos minutos se apagan. Es desesperante y me hace dudar de si estoy invirtiendo en la marca correcta. Tengo muchos dispositivos Sonoff. No hay ninguna escena con esos dispositivos.

A mi también me pasa. Tenía uno de 4 canales SV en las puertas del garage que ya cambié por otra marca. Ahora me ocurre en uno de 4CH 230V pero solo en el canal donde tengo la cámara. También en uno de tipo enchufe donde tengo un ventilador. Nunca me ha ocurrido en 2 de 4CH donde tengo conectadas luces

Por lo que he podido leer parece que el problema está en el receptor de radiofrecuencia que hay que desactivar (desoldar)

I don’t know if this might help you, but in my case the probelm was due to the fact that I didn’t connect any physical switch to the relay (Sonoff Mini or similar). I had the wires in the L-in, L-out, N-in, N-out but nothing connected to S1 and S2. So, I’ve put a wire from S1 to S2 to simulate an always-on switch and that solved the problem.

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Thank you! A single wire between the switches fixed our phantom lights

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Have the same issue with Sonoff MINI
Lights are blinking in a strange way
Already try to set static IP for the device on WI-fi router

Has the community found any solution for the issue? Any updates from EweLinks/Sonoff? Thank you

Try connecting a wire from S1 to S2.