Device switches ON randomly

One of my wall switches (3ch) randomly turns on one or more channels,

The log file says ‘device button pressed’. Even the ‘all channels’ button is listed in the log file, of course these don’t exist on the switch.

Buttons are never switched off, only switched on. After a while the switch then goes offline, the buttons on the switch can no longer be operated and it can only be revived by power off-on.

I deleted the switch from ewelink and retrained it, no change. Where can I still search?

The firmware is 3.7.3, the device id is 100096e418.

Hi thomas, thanks for reaching out. Could you raise a support ticket in eWeLink App > Profile > Help & Feedback > Feedback?
Our support team will help fix this issue asap. Thank you.

Thank you Peter, Just done

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Great! By the way, after submitting the ticket, our support team will locate the issue first and provide suggested solutions:)

I have the same issue is not a Sonoff switch is a SmartWise. Now my switch is offline trouble with wife.

Are your switches with RF capabilities? Such switches sometimes react when other devices communicating in the 433MHz band are operating nearby. This frequency is not protected and the protocol used is fixed-code and not unique. There is no easy way to avoid this.

No. Without RF. Btw, still no help from the in App Feedback. Only bla bla.

The root cause of the issue might be the hardware. My colleague from the support team will contact you again. Thanks for your patience.

Yes, he did. Firmware-Update (but it is 3.7.3) and Alexa (doesn’t Help). So maybe really a hardware issue

As I sad, i also have wall switches with the same behavior, so more then one. I think is hard to belive that we have the same hardware isue! Mine are both Smartwise type. Also with 3.7.3 FW, also with the same message in the log list ‘device button pressed’. I had to delete them from my net. I think little more analysis it would be better.

I have numerous WiFi switches and relays at home (FW 3.7.0). All are voice-controlled with Alexa. None is affected. Some time ago, I experienced problems with one of the RF-R2’s but it was related to unidentified RF signal that triggered uncontrolled switching on, mostly at night. The solution was to relocate the switch.

How should I do that my devices are wal switches, I have to move the wal!

The device I was referring to was Sonoff RF-R2. Apart from WiFi, it can be controlled with RF on 433.92MHz frequency band (on/off). The problem was with RF signal and not with WiFi. So don’t move your walls :stuck_out_tongue:

I assure you that I will not move the walls. It’s interesting that the message in the log list is ‘device button pressed’ as somebody pressed all the two buttons at once, I refer to my two channel wall switch. And I’m sure 100% that’s not that case.