Random device cycling

Hi. My family has 4 houses. We have each separately noted over the last 7 days that our devices cycle on, off or inch randomly. Sonoff switches turn off. Inching devices inch randomly. Some devices, the problem cleared up after deleting the device and re-registering it. Others continue to act up. Do you have any idea what is going on? We all live about 1 mile apart.

Thank you for your input.


When the device turns on or off randomly, is its indicator flashing and it shows offline in the App?

App and functionality is normal. It just decides to randomly react. First time it happened I thought that i had been hacked. Now i have learned to recognize it quickly. One thing that can trigger it is a whole house power failure or brown out. Sometimes after Cable service has been performed. But none should continue to effect the device after the incident.

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I think that was caused by the ISP unstable, when the power outage or router redial to the server, the devices linked to it will restore, but mostly the process is silence, but some cases, especially some older devices, can not linked successfully, so those back to pairing mode after try several times, which caused the randomly action.

May be you can try this feature to minimize the issue eWeLink app feature: Power-on State #smarthome #shorts - YouTube

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Did you solved it?

Yes, with a mix of resolutions per device type. Most were resolved with a delete of the device, followed by 24 hrs deleted, followed by re-adding the device. These were eWelink loaded relay boards. Similar procedure for problematic S31s. 1 S31L was particularly problematic. I replaced one that just couldn’t get it. Over time, that has been three devices that I have had to rotate out of use, at least temporarily.

Some just needed to be power cycled. Some needed to be temporarily deleted and re-added.

Either way, temporary loss of house power should not cause such a pain to normalcy. The cause was clearly not slamming the router on reboot as a quick reboot of the eWeLink devices after the initial surge would have resolved the issues.



I have been getting this exact issue in my house !