GOING OFFLINE - S26R2 - id 100170c21d


I have been using sonoff devices for around 1 year now, and I have more than eighty devices, including a subscription of the advanced plan.

I have raised a few tickets with issues that I could not solve by myself, essentially things I can’t do anything (as you server issues with dw2 or firmware issues).

I’m again in one case that I really don’t understand why is happening.

My device S26R2 with the ID 100170c21d is going offline after 6h/8h and only re-establish the wifi connection if I turn it off from the power socket and back to turn it on.

I already deleted it and backed to add it to ewelink app, but the problem keeps repeating…

It’s located at 3 meters from the router… none of my many others sonoff devices have shown any challenge as this one, including four of them are in the same room…

Any idea of what might have been happening, please?