Device goes offline and online frequent

Hello! I have several sonoff devices (DualR3, Mini, PowR2, TH16R2, POWR320D) and sometimes (at least once a month) I have problems with them. They are offline - online several times a day. Sometimes some DualR2’s stay offline until I restart them, different devices each time and can’t identify a pattern for them.

All devices are connected via wifi and used only with the eWelink app.

Has anyone encountered this problem?
Can anyone tell me a solution to this problem or what I can do to identify the roots of my problem?


Sounds like WLAN problem.

Im facing the same since middle december … tried many things including replace the router with the isp provider.

Working for about 3 years and suddendly without doing anything devices most of the time doesnt respond the commands… its sad


Identify the roots? The best way could be to submit your log via the app, so the dev and support team can take a look and figure out what’s going on.

Tried that last year. They didn’t came with a solution. I’ve changed my router from an Tp-Link Archer_C7 to an Archer_AX73 and reconfigured all my network. But the issue is still there.
If I enter and check in the Help&Feedback section - Device Offline, the symptoms are for “device failed to connect to the server”. I’ve checked and tried all the solution given there but no succes. Still having the issue…

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Same here! Same message

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All my devices that the brand are not sonoff works 100%
The sonoff devices (mini r1 and mini r2) i’m having the same issue as u

Also i replaced the router like u, fixed the ip through mac address …i can assume that the problem isn’t in my network if the others works and all the tests

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Not true. One cannot make such assumptions.

If the devices work for more than 2 years without any problems and then suddenly only the sonoff brand devices stop working without making any changes, without connecting any more devices to the network…nothing at all!

If I’ve done everything that support says, your help here on the forum and my tests (fix ip, wifi channel, reset all devices, etc) and as I’ve already mentioned including changing the internet provider’s router.
If the only thing that doesn’t work is the sleepovers and the network is stable and everything else works, what can I say?


I have the same issue with different sonoff wifi devices. They usually disconnect - reconnect. Tested my network environment and my router, nothing suspicious. Tried wifi channel, static ip, etc… But it still happens… Kind of frustrating when I need to switch something on or off… Please help


Same here. Nspanel go online/offline randomly. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Same but with zigbee network. I have only one sonoff button and its thebonly one that doesnt work without regular battery reinstallations.

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I had a similar problem when I replaced the zte mf821 LTE modem operating in QMI mode in the router with a zte mf823 with RNDIS operating mode. The mini r2, basic r3, rf bridge r2, th16 and s26 / s26 r2 switches started going offline temporarily. The application did not signal this despite the “offline notification” option being enabled on the devices; apparently, the interruptions in communication with the server were too short. POW elite, mini r4, mini r4m and micro (USB) devices worked stably. I followed the exchange of TCP/IP messages and it looked like this: suddenly the sonoff cloud server ended the connection by sending a packet with the rst flag and the Sonoff switch then established another connection. These were temporary problems, but they could effectively disrupt the operation of the scenes, so I returned to the previous modem and the problem disappeared. I found information on Google that the internal, additional NAT of many LTE modems connected in RNDIS mode can cause various problems. In my case, the problem was definitely caused by changing the modem from mf821 to mf823.


Instead of creating and discussing yet another more or less confusing theory, invite a WiFi professional. After all, each case is unique and needs to be analysed on location. When the problem is serious and complex, you will certainly not find a solution on a forum.

If you say so…but one thing im sure its not a theory.
I already had an wifi professional here and he doesnt understand how other brands works and this one dont…he tried many setups, saw the logs…
Thank you anyway for your help

Must be the curse of Sonoff :grin:


Same issue here. devices goes off-line handomly, since middle of January.
Working smothly for more than 3 years.
I’ve tried almost averything, changed wi-fi router, rename wifi and so… except change my account, because I’ve an advanced plan and I don’t want to lose it.
really weird behavior

I have the same problem - I have the MHCOZY 4-relay box and it is often disconnected. I have an idea what is happening - maybe someone can comment.
The MHCOZY box contacts the central server. It is not possible for the server to connect to the box as it is not addressable.
Is this a TCP connection? This connection MUST be kept alive for the server to send a message to the box…
I believe the box is not sending keep-alive messages frequently enough to keep the connection open. The connection times out somewhere in the network - possibly in one of the NAT entries in one of the service providers. it is not until the box re-connects does the connection become alive again and the eWelink server can communicate with the box. Does anyone know how frequently the Sonoff or MHCOZY devices send keep-alive messages to the server?
If course it is in ewelink’s interest to for the keep-alives to be as infrequent as possible as the server has to process them and with the VERY large number of connections I am sure it is a sizable processing load. However, the counter-argument to that is that if the connection does time out then the load of setting up a new connection is much heavier than processing a keep-alive.

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To musi być klątwa Sonoffa

There is something to it, but Sonoff simply went very deep by offering so many different smart home devices and at the same time suggesting that they will be able to provide buyers with reliable cloud services. For me, the disconnection problem went away after changing the modem to mf821, but it broke, now I connected the router with the lte modem: mf286d - it’s OK for now… :slight_smile:

It’s gotten so bad I’m tearing out all sonoff devices. I’ve discovered out of all 100 wifi connected devices in my home they are the most unreliable of all had them controlling heating and that is way too risky.