What if my internet connection fails

I am leaving home for a few days and need a schedule to keep running on a sonoff basic switch, the internet connection is very bad some days in my area and I want to know if the set schedule will execute when the internet is down for multiple hours at a time?

I think the timer you setup via the device setting page are stored in the flash on the device itself, which means the timer will run without Internet, maybe you can have a try first.

Yes, your schedule will continue to operate without Internet. HeisenBerg is correct.

I put a S31 on my router, and set it up to restart daily at 3 am. Works great. I have not seen in another WiFi smart plug this feature that works. You can test it yourself. Simply setup a schedule a few minutes in advance of your current time. And let it save. Then unplug your router or cable modem. Watch your app, you will see that device turn off then back on.

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Thank you both, that is exactly what I want do do with my router and I did set up and test without internet and it worked great.

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That’s right, my friend, the programmed timer would work even if there is no internet, since it runs locally from the device itself,

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I’ve already replied to this question with YES, it will start your router if the router loses power. AND you can create a scheduled time for your router to perform an OFF & ON daily if you wish, to make sure you have a good connection. The schedule is saved locally in the plug. THAT is a brilliant move on Sonoff’s part. VERY SMART of them to do this for us.

So, I wanted to also suggest that everyone should look for other places that need reliable Internet connections and put a Sonoff S31 there. For instance do you have an security camera that you depend on? Put a S31 WiFi Plug there too. Give it a schedule where it turns off for 1-2 minutes and back on daily. Think of it as a camera RESTART just in case.

I am lazy. I have several cameras where the 5V adapter is high or hidden and a pain to get the ladder out and climb up and unplug and plug back in when it hiccups. So, I put a S31 or Basic RFR2 on the camera’s power adapter. I gave it a OFF & ON schedule at 3 am. Having done that, I never have to restart the cameras. A couple of the cameras have a Restart button in their firmware, but they are not reliable. SO, the S31 is a great complement.

I am on a couple of other forums, and I have encouraged people to put WiFi Plugs on their cameras. Many have thought it a great idea and have done it. And naturally, I have plugged the S31 when asked. Because I know it has the LAST POWER STATE option that few WiFi plugs do.