WiFi devices Loop Timer ability to run in LAN Mode without Internet Connection

For iHost with eWeLink Smart Home add on please can we have the ability for wifi devices for example the Basic Switch to be able to run its Loop Timer facility when in LAN mode and the LAN is not connected to the Internet. Thank you.

Ihost does not have a loop timer function.
Unless you achieve something similar with scenes. :thinking:
There is another problem. Without internet you cannot log in to the ewelink smart home add-on. LAN mode without logging in does not work.:frowning:

You can only control zigbee devices.

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Thanks for your reply. In iHost if you download and install the eWeLink Smart Home docker app, log in and then sync the wifi devices it discovers on your LAN you can control them in iHost but some features like loop timer are missing. The LAN Control of wifi devices (ON/OFF and Scenes with ON/OFF) still function with the internet disconnected.

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@jam3 Can you do me a little favor?

If you have time, check if your Loop Timer and Repeat option are working properly, is it possible to set the time?
Because I only have a white screen and I can’t set the time either LT, T, S… probably some incompatibility with the old Android again. :slight_smile:
eWeLink 5.6.0


With eWeLink app ver 5.6.0 running on iPhone I can confirm that I have tested the Schedule, Timer and Loop timer functions on a Sonoff Basic 2 wifi switch firmware 3.7.6 and they all can be set.

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Hmm, probably compatibility again, this time with 8.1 go… eh

Sure. The Loop Timer and Repeat options do work as expected.

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They probably love old versions of Android. :slight_smile:

For example, the first view, the Repeat option, when I click it, it goes to the next tab as it should, but there is no content. :slight_smile: As a result, I will not set the time except for what is already there, i.e. 30m. I just have an empty space, and only the bar at the top with the back arrow and save, but the rest doesn’t appear, he he. :slight_smile:

As an update to the issue of Schedules/Timers/Looptimers not functioning with devices in LAN mode I raised this with Sonoff and their Technical Team (Aron) clarified that when a device has its power removed the settings for these features are cleared from the device memory. On power being applied the device initially needs Internet access to the eWeLink Cloud to retrieve the settings and they will be stored in the device as long as it has power connected. So as ociepa.ekotox suggests an alternative in iHost not connected to the Internet is to use scenes to simulate the function.

That’s right, I discovered it a long time ago :), restarting/power outage of the device clears its memory/settings and you need the cloud to download them, which is absurd in itself, but that’s how they did it.

There was even a thread here where a person had a lot of Sonoffs that he needed to configure in place A and then, without power and internet, run them in place B and still work properly, which of course was not possible.

As for iHost and local scenes, that’s one thing, but you need to verify whether the iHost is able to transmit LT/T/S settings to WiFi devices or only ZigBee or maybe not at all and you also need a cloud… :slight_smile:

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Yep I can remember seeing that thread. From what I can deduce is that the wifi devices on power up need to connect to the eWeLink Cloud to retrieve all of their settings even something as basic as the power on state.

As always many problems with sonoff devices. But no solution. :thinking:
Possibly in the “future” :slightly_smiling_face:


I forgot about it… I can’t believe it, I’ll do the test… But I won’t because I can’t log in to ewelink web… what a day.

Do you also have eWelink cloud outages in the European region? You can’t log in to the eWeLink app.
:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:Maybe it’s this “STORM” :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve never experienced an eWeLink outage from here in UK. I understand that some of the servers are hosted by Amazon.

I guess the whole thing is based on AWS…

I’ve just carried out a further tests with a Sonoff Basic R2 wifi switch and TH10 wifi temperature humidity switch without internet connected using iHost and found.

  1. When the switch is powered up it will physically set its relay to the start up ON or OFF condition defined in settings but it does not communicate the condition to the iHost home screen.
  2. If the manual push button on the switch is pressed it will toggle the relay between ON and OFF but as in 1) it does not communicate the condition to the iHost home screen.
  3. If the iHost home screen soft button for the device is clicked on it will toggle the device relay ON and OFF and display the commanded condition.
  4. In an iHost scene where the device ON or OFF is the IF condition the scene will not run if the change of state is made by pressing the manual button on the switch.
  5. In an iHost scene where the device ON or OFF is the IF condition the scene will run if the change of state is made by a Manual Tap to Run Scene or an Auto Scene.
  6. In iHost using scenes with TRVZBs as “Masters” to control wifi switches as “Slaves” e.g. Heating- Set switch to ON/ Keeping- Set switch to OFF the scenes will still function when the Internet is disconnected.
  7. Sonoff TH10/16 WiFi does not report its sensor temperature and humidity information to iHost when the internet is disconnected.

From these tests it would seem that in iHost with internet disconnected the iHost can command the device without the device sending back any ACK or reporting its relay condition and other data back to iHost. Simplex Communication. Hopefully Sonoff will address this shortcoming in time.

From the foregoing it’s clear that there are certain scenarios when wifi devices should not be relied on to provide initiating functions in a system that is being designed to operate without the internet. With iHost In LAN mode but without access to the internet and eWeLink Cloud they seem to be reliable as “Slaves” but not reliable as “Masters” .

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