Alert me when Power is ON or OFF using IFTTT or Advanced Plan


I am looking for a smart device that can alert me when power in my house is ON or OFF.

So far, I can achieve it using the Sonoff S26 plug by receiving ON notifications when the device recovers from power outage (via the Power On State).

I can also use eWeLink advanced subscription to create a scene such as:

Scene: If Device is ON > Run a webhook (can be used to communicate with third-party services that support webhooks).

However, the problem I’m facing is that I also need to be notified when power goes OFF.

I am aware that the eWeLink app has an option for offline alert. When the device has gone offline for 5 minutes, it will push a notification to me. But this does not allow me to run scenes/automations.

With eWeLink advanced, I can only create scenes as such: IF device is ON or OFF, not if device is Offline.

I am specifically looking to create the following scene:

Scene 2: If Device is Offline > Run a webhook (can be used to communicate with third-party services that support webhooks as mentioned on top).

But it is not possible to create the scene above with eWelink advanced dashboard.

Can you please suggest a solution?

Alternatively, I am considering using a smart light sensor made by one of your competitors (Tuya or Aqara) by plugging the light sensor into a separate power source at my house (such as a ups or portable power station). It would keep measuring the light in a small storage room at my house that has a simple/traditional (non-smart) light bulb connected to the main power at my house, and which is always turned on (the bulb).

If the light sensor detects that it’s dark (this means the power is OFF at the house and there’s no electricity since the bulb is turned off)

If the light sensor detects that there’s light (this means the power is ON at the house and there’s electricity since the bulb is turned on)

The light sensor would be compatible with IFTTT, and would allow me to run applets such as:

IF Light sensor brightness is above OR below 50 lux for example > THEN: Run X Action (such as a webhook, or anything that IFTTT can do).

P.S. I know that IFTTT sometimes has delays. That’s not a problem since speed is not a critical factor in my project.

Can you please help me determine how can I achieve the above project with SONOFF? because I really like your products, and prefer not to buy competitor products.

Thank you in advance for your support