Sonoff Micro USB Scheduler without WiFi connected?


Can i setup a Sonoff Micro USB on a WiFi network, then set the schedule and then plug it in another location so that it runs the saved schedule without WiFI?

Does it save the schedule locally on the Sonoff Micro? I did try setting the schedule, put sonoff in different location where there is no wifi, but unfortunately the sonoff did not switch on the usb device connected to it via the saved schedule.

Why does Wifi have to be connected all the time? Can the sonoff micro not work off grid and still run the set schedule.

Any help appreciated.

It will not work in your case, because the ‘timer configuration’ will be erased when the device lose power, the root reason is the “crystal” build-in the chip failed to calculate time when it’s powered off.

In other words, if you set timer successfully then disconnect the wifi, but keep the device powered, the timer still works. Internet connection is for time setting procedure only.

Thanks for your reply yitie,

is there any way of keeping the device powered while i transfer it?
Or is there any way of connecting it to a local wifi hotspot on a phone and set it up that way while in-place at remote location?

No, you can’t, the “crystal” stops work when you plug it out.

Try to set it up by using a hotspot in the place you want to place it, heoretically, the timer will work, haven’t try it myself, just deduction.