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Dear community, I’ve decided to write on this channel (free discussion) as the slogan is:“A place that lets you discuss with other eWeLink users as well as eWeLink team members openly. Please speak your mind.”
So, I want to talk about my experience with products (eWeLink / Itead / Sonoff) and service support.
From about 6 months my smart network (over 100 Sonoff devices) has been affected by incidents an problems related to both SW and HW.
Always I rise incident tickets, the support team always respond very generically and usually ask for further clarifications and evidences.
This can continue for weeks without any solution or position taken (solutions, workaronds, etc).
I’m an IT and Electrical technician and I know well the matter.
In most replies I feel like “I’m being made a fool of” but I reply to service requests, even if they are ridiculous, as I understand the support people.
I conclude by saying that:
a) the quality of the HW has degreased. I have confirmation of this from the last purchase where 1 out of 4 devices is broken.
b) the FW quality has degreased. One bug is fixed and 2 more problems come up.
c) the Customer (me and others clients) responsibility has worsened. Aware of the bugs (such as devices cycling off / on for over a month) I have not seen any statement, announcement or apology.
I believe some responsible eWeLink / Itead / Sonoff must think seriously.
From my side (Customer), I am thinking of abandoning this platform even though I have made significant investments.


I would like to share the same opinion as yours.

Many bugs reported using the option “Feedback” in the eWelink app.

They are quick to send the first answer, but then they disappear and leave you without any answer.

Reported also by the ITEAD support… No solution for the BUGS.

Now I noticed also that a bug I reported here on the forum has been marked as UNLISTED.
Hidden the bug will not fix it.

I spent some money buying their products, and they are just giving me a headache due to the all problems.

Some products I bought on Amazon, so I’ll return all of them.

Maybe people are just buying their products to install alternative firmwares, like Tasmota.
There is no way to use their products with the original firmware.

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Sorry for the NO-satisfying experience, let me check what’s going on and get back to you all ASAP.
Our college @yitie will take over this topic.

@antonello.zulian Sorry for the bad experience again, quick check the help channel and forum, i found there are 4 tickets and all of them are closed, am i missing something? or may i know the issue that suffering you now? will check it case by case.

Quick feedback, i have noticed that there is a NSPanel Pro related zigbee issue that suffering you, still reviewing all the tickets and forum topic thread throughoutly, and then i will set up my devices as yours as testing while talk to internal team to dig deeper.

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Check internally, here are my feedbacks to the issues that i have learned, please feel free to let me know if i missing something,

  1. Philips Hue lights is not working and make the NSPanel Pro screen go blue/dark, need reboot
    — We have located this issue days ago, and it is a compatible issue between some zigbee end devices and the zigbee moduel(build in the NSPanel Pro), and our SW and HW team try to find a way to fix it, need some time. Would you please let me know the model of your Hue bulbs? i haven’t found it in the tickets you raised, will try to get one and verify on my side.

  2. S26 as an extender, end devices offline frequently
    @Daniel.zhan from SONOFF team have reached you and forwarded the solutions via SONOFF customer service channel, and i saw he have replied your post, please check.

  3. Noising and worng “low battery” notifications
    — We are continually fix this issue in the past updates, majority end-devices are working perfectly without this issue, and aimed to solve all of them in the updates planned launch on March, 8.
    The root reason of this is the missing “battery cluster” info from the devices which is not mandatory to report to the bridge, we’ll adding an “filter” to fix this issue.

  4. Sonoff SNZB-02 is stuck at the same temperature and same humidity
    — Related to issue 2, mostly the device is offline, so there is NO-data reported to the server and NO charts updating.
    BTW, when the device is offline and back on line by repairing, the device will take 30minutes to 1 hours(various by different chips) to gathering data and report to the server.
    Please try to update the NSPanel Pro to the latest firmware and linking the SN-02 directly to it.

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Here the #3 service tickets and platform where opened.

Seems it’s SONOFF help center, i’d like to forward to @Daniel_Zhan for further checking, I just checked there isn’t open ticket in eWeLink help center.

Again, feel free to reach me if sth bothering you.

Dear @yitie

  1. Photos, videos and all details about the Phlips Hue lights were submited to @StephenJ on the following UNLISTED topic ([bug] NS Panel Pro - Philips Hue - #7 by StephenJ)

  2. @Daniel_Zhan wrote to me saying he will arrange to replace my smart plugs;

  3. OK, I’ll wait for the firmware update on March;

  4. OK, it’s related to the topic 2. My NSPannel Pro is already using the latest firmware available (1.5.3)

Kind regards,

Hi there, @renatoyamane

  1. I will dig deep with details you provided, get back to you if i get sth new.
  2. i think it’s an acceptable solution, hope it isn’t cause any other inconvenience to you.
  3. Will let you know if it released.

Free to reach me if anything i missed.

at first place you mentioned that you captured these packets when the device turned off and on, was this ‘off/on’ triggered by you or itself?
and I’d like to do some test, may I know the name of your sniffer tool? is it wireshark?

The capture refers to one of many unexpected off/on.
The used tool is Wireshark portable.

Hola, yo también soy usuario de mas de 50 dispositivos sonoff que aunque al principio( primer, año ). todos funcionaban bien, ahora cada poco tiempo empiezan a darme problemas de varios tipo, por lo que estoy planteándome no adquirir mas esta marca , y pasarme a la competencia que aunque un poquito mas caro parece ir bien.

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I have personally left this platform fore good.
I need a platform there could handle my temperature control. But the platform constantly shutoff and many weird things, and the Nspanels can’t make a god thermostat UI if it even wanted to handle the thermostate UI. So i have shiftet all the temp controls to Salus now.

Sorry to let you down.
Hope this would make you stay with us,

  1. The “weird shutoff” issue is boring us too, but we have find a highly possible root reason which caused this, and we are verifying day and night.
  2. Would you please let me know what’s your preferred thermometer UI? pics would be great help.

Siento decepcionarte.
Espero que esto te haga quedarte con nosotros,

El problema del “apagado extraño” también nos aburre, pero hemos encontrado una posible razón de fondo que lo causó, y estamos verificando día y noche.

I had problems with both son off single switch and son off 4 channel pro. Lights that go out and gates or doors that open without any command.
Unfortunately, given the defect, I had to abandon ewilink and sonoff and replace them with the more reliable Shelly. I’m sorry but reliability is always very important when using as access control equipment.

I agree. It’s frustrating support - the NSPANEL - till now can’t be upgraded. Tried all sort of suggestions including multiple and multiple upgrade - that ends up in a failure.

The system is stuck with the panel in blue with error code. App shows software version 1.3.6 with 1.4 available. Updates never get through. And guess what? Now the Nspanel just switches off within a few minutes.

Supports are nonsense!

Hi there, sorry for the issue you experienced, our colleague Eric just told me that he have reply you in the ticket and with a manual tool for update, please check the message via the app and free to let me know if any further help you need.