Hello to all,
This may look a strange topic but I think that is very important to share it with this community and I’m going to be short in my words.
I’ve contacted SONOFF support 2 or 3 times. They were very fast and professional in the answers and they have never forgeted me until my problem was 100% solved. They are very cooperative.
One of the problems I had, was a little more complex and for a few days we’ve worked together with tests and I never felt alone!!! NEVER! They were daily with me!!!
In the end they gave me a solution that I think that no other brand in the world would do (I will not mention here what that solution was so that there is no opportunism from some malicious users).
So, I can say that I’m fully satisfied with SONOFF products and SONOFF support team. They are all great!!!
I’m 200% SONOFF !!!
Do you agree with me?


Unfortunately most people are selfish.
They use the Support, they get their problem solved, but they are unable to publicly say that they are satisfied, as they no longer want to waste time.
They have what they want that is their problem solved.
That’s why we have the world as it is.
People spend little time praising and pleasing others.
I keep saying, and today I had another big example of this in my email box, SONOFF SUPPORT IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD.
Thank You Morgan, Thank You Aron, Thank You Frankie,…, Thank You ALL!!!


We are really flattered by your words, it is all we should do to make every eWeLink and SONOFF user happy and helpful to our wonderful world.
Cheers my friend :beers:


And you do a lot to make it happen!!!
Glad to be a SONOFF / eWeLink costumer and glad to be here in this forum!

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What was the problem, what was the solution?

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I had a few problems with a SONOFF Camera GK-200MP2-B (old model without cloud storage and impossible to connect do my Dw2 Wifi Sensor). They helped me with a lot of tests, sugestions, and always available to help more and more.
At the end they gave me a solution that I didn’t expect and that I guarantee you that any other brand wouldn’t do it, but I won’t reveal what the solution was because it could give ideas to some customers with bad intentions and they could try to take advantage of the goodwill from SONOFF!

LOL That sounds like one of those infomercials where they are trying to sell you a book. “learn to live healthier, but you got to pay us money before we just tall you common knowledge stuff.”

You mentioned that

You got that right, I can definitely see that.

Definitely applies.

If you don’t understand why I don’t tell you the solution that was given to me and why I do it to protect SONOFF, it’s your own problem.
I don’t want that the solution given to me to become a solution that many users will demand at the minimum difficulty or problem they encounter.
I didn’t ask SONOFF that solution, they were the ones who concluded that it was the best thing to do in my very specific case and that doesn’t apply to most cases.
If SONOFF tells me that I can and I should reveal, then I will do it without any problem.
Anyway, and just because I didn’t told you what you wanted to hear, you don’t have to be rude in your comments.
Have a nice day

Easy folks, let’s back to the features or ideas talk.

We just did what we should and we can, especially try our best to stand on every user’s position, open our arms to any compliments, features requests, complaints, criticism, all these give us the power to move on.

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That’s it!!! :heart:

There is actually no problem on my end. BTW I already know why you keep it to yourself. I understand that fully.

So again you got help and a solution from suport and now you don’t want to pass it along.

So that means

[quote=“ricardo.oliveira, post:2, topic:4059”] Unfortunately most people are selfish. [/quote] Check.

[quote=“ricardo.oliveira, post:2, topic:4059”] They have what they want that is their problem solved. [/quote] Check

[quote=“ricardo.oliveira, post:2, topic:4059”] That’s why we have the world as it is. [/quote] yup

Yet for those who it will apply to, will still keep it to yourself. There is a word for that. Oh yeah it’s up there.

You mention that SOONOFF gave it to you without you asking, but your were asking for help in making it work so yes you were asking for it but you just didn’t know you were. Also if SONOFF gave it to you from support “without” you asking then stands to reason they would do that for others so there is no reason to keep it to yourself.

You, yourself threw out selfish in regards to others yet… From the guidelines " * Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people." I am criticizing your ideas, the idea to keep a solution to yourself.

Anyway I Digress. any further contact is pointless and unwanted. I have already stated my view in the matter.